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  1. Change is all around us!

    Last night, I started walking in brilliant sunshine, the light on the water on the Estuary so blinding my eyes that it was dificult to see.

    Reaching my destination, I watched in joy the birds sheltering on the beach then, mischievous as a child, I succumbed to my urge and raced along the beach and watch them soaring away into the sky.
  2.  Sunset over Auckland
    Gratitude will change your Life
    I had a "bad hair day" last week; everything seemed hard and difficult and finally, I had enough and thought no more!!!! And went back to what I know settles, expands and lift me beyond the day-to day-experience… yeah, you guessed it gratitude; I started focusing again on having gratitude for the people in my life; for my home, my wonderful car which gives me freedom to travel and explore, for difficulties that challenge me to move beyond the space that I am, gratitude for the changing weather, for the birds feeding in my garden
  3. Does your Home need the Healing
    rather than You?

  4. An overecast dayOver the weekend, I visited friends who are forced to move from their family home due to financial commitments and helped them all clean up the house for auction. Despite the hardship being experienced, everyone was enjoying the comradship of the day, chatting as they worked, with lots of laughter and joy ringing out!

    I was surprised at the mood and then realized that with the sun shining and the sky perfectly clear, its bless'ed rays had lifted the doom and gloom of a forced move into a place where somehow it was all okay.
  5. Grief following a death of a loved one is naturally for those left behind; feeling lost and empty; missing their company and companionship; its impacts each day to remind us that they are no longer with us!
    Time goes by and days turn into weeks, weeks months and often years slip past and yet the grief remains to haunt us.
  6. Woke up this morning and could not believe the clarity outside; the air was clean and fresh; the birds singing quietly in the garden and everything felt so wonderfully good! Wonderfully good - wow, felt that way to me but yesterday a young man came and sat with me and spoke about the despair he was feeling due to the fact that he was unable to find work! He spoke about the fact that he had always been able to stay positive all his life but, at this time, with a family to support and no work in sight, he was finding that he could no longer hold that positive focus! My heart went out to him and all the millions of others around the world who are in a similar (or worse) position.
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