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Healing Formulas

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helping you to keep your energy clear
of negative, depleting energy patterns 

Elixirs of Light, Sprays and Lighthouse


Life can prove challenging or bring you into negative situations that drain and deplete your life force! The Elixirs of Light healing bottles (and sprays) give you means to be able to clear and release the build up of negative, depleting energy as and when it happens! 

This helps prevent a build up of negative, slow flowing energy blockages that slows down your natural energy flow causing you to become more vulnerable to both emotional or physical situations.

The Elixirs of Light healing tools are simple to use, fast and effective...  reach for a bottle, hold it close to the body for a few minutes then get on with your day!

The healing bottles are also economical and a move away from the Use-And-throw-Away Society
that has been created as they are
 able to be used by the whole family, over and over again!


  • Choose a bottle
  • Sit and hold it until it feels "without energy" (3-7 minutes)
  • Then give thanks and get on with your day
Simple, effective, fast and people love them; children love them; great for clinic use; in fact a profound all round self-healing tool!

Room Sprays and Body Sprays also give you the means to instantly clear and refreshen both you and your family's energy and your home or work environment.

Client showing Before and After effect on Aura

Aura photos taken to show the difference in the energy field
after an Elixir of Light bottle was held for 7 minutes

"I personally believe (also attested by clients' Testimonials) that the Elixirs of Light are one of the most advanced energy healing tools for individuals, families, practitioners and a profound tool for personal self-development or spiritual growth and expansion.
I am so confident in their worth that I am offering a full money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!"

How Do They Work?

The Elixirs of Light contain a pattern of energy, lodged into stabilized water which, when held, is designed to connect into your energy field to clear layers of negative or destructive energy and then balances your field. Once the healing has been completed, the bottles literally will feel without energy.

They can also be used to accelerate all types of healing sessions or to enable you to access and clear to a much deeper level. 

Affordable in all they last for years, never need to be recharged or cleansed!  They are so simple that the whole family (and even your friends) can use them over and over again! 

  Lifeforce Energy of Light   Lighthouse Elixir of Light   Liberty Aura Photo   Aura photo of Joy Elixir of Light

Aura Camera Photos taken of Individual Elixirs of Light
reflecting the different energy patterns contained in each bottle

A testiment to their worth is that kids love them:

Parents tell me all the time how their kids automatically gravitate to them when they are feeling down and out (a sure sign of their worth) or at night when they can't sleep or are having nightmares.

They are wonderful to use for spiritual development work to aid your connection to Spirit or to help you gain clarity on a situation or event that you are experiencing in your life. The range provides different formulas to cover most common situations being experienced today.

Bottles can also be used in a clinic environment to enhance the depth and level received through any healing modality.

Just as important, an energetic Space Cleanser, Body Sprays and the "Lighthouse" bottle compliment the range providing a fast yet effective way for you to energetically clear and raise the vibration of your aura, your home, work environment or possessions.

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