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Elixirs of Light for Personal Use

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Fast Acting
Self Cleansing
Simple and easy to use
Economical, Long Lasting
Never needing to be Recharged
Helps you Maintain your Energy Field
Instant Energy Healing any time, any place
Enhances all Practitioner Healing Sessions
Builds a Strong Emotional Foundation
Strengthens your Connection to Self
Deeper Relaxation and Meditations
Safe to Use with Children
Great Reading Tool


Tune into how you and your body are feeling. Relax and let the mind focus go. If possible, choose a quiet place (without music) and sit comfortably, with legs uncrossed.

Hold the Elixir of Light that you have selected in your lap.

Imagine that you are traveling from the top of your head down through your spine and connect into the bottle you are holding in your lap.

Keeping your focus on the bottle, relax and breathe rhythmically.

Trust, trust, trust that whatever you are feeling is right for you. 

When the bottle feels without energy (usually 5-10 minutes), give thanks.

Take three deep breaths anchoring in the new patterns as you release the old. (Once the healing is completed, you may like to re-tune into your body to feel or see the shifts that have taken place).

For maximum benefit, once the session is over, it is recommended that you use the Body Spray (one spray at the back of the neck) which provides you with an almost instant feeling of lightness as it releases the old energy patterns and anchors in the new. 

After all healings, it is beneficial to do a few stretches or a few minutes of physical movement and to drink a glass of water to assist with the physical releasing that may be experienced.
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