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Holistic Healing

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Energy Healing and House Cleansing


Healing Hands

Healing, energy healing, holistic healing and spiritual healing are all titles to enable you to find your way to my door! 

My name is Suzanne Evans and I have been working as an intuitive energy healer and spiritual teacher for 25 plus years now and have experience in all facets of healing work. 

All healing sessions incorporate energy healing with intuitive insights to provide you with an understanding as to the cause of what you are experiencing together with relevant wisdom and life skills to help you move on. As old energy structures, patterns, beliefs and energy blocks are released, they are replaced with new concepts, ideas and insights to provide you with strength and understanding to cope with life changes, issues and relationships enabling you to move forward into what we all desire... a more peaceful, harmonious and spiritual life.  

I am particularly passionate about helping my clients to:
  • Move on from emotional reactions or responses as and when they happen rather than years later in therapy
  • Gain freedom from reactions to past physical, emotional or sexual abuse
  • Gain life-skills to deal better with life, family life and relationships (both at work and at home).
  • Gain more spiritual awareness of your own existence 
  • Learn simple techniques to work with their own "energy field" to enhance their own health and well-being 
  • Keep their home environment energetically clear, feeling happy and uplifted
  • Help with health issues and insights into its cause

Healing sessions can be carried out in person (Auckland) or by telephone, Skype or distant healing. Short healing or mentoring sessions by phone or in person (15-20 mins) are also available to help you deal "on the spot" with problems or situations as they occur!

Distant Healing:
A Distant Healing session enables you to get the full benefit of a healing session without being present. It has the added advantage of by-passing your emotional/mental mind to deal with what you actually require rather than what you feel you need. No matter where you are,  tune into your energy, locating the situations that you are experiencing, tracking down core issues requiring healing (patterns, beliefs, energy leaks, etc) then clear and align your energy field of all dis-harmonic energies attuning you to your highest vibration. It is particularly beneficial when you are:
  • Ungrounded,
  • lacking focus and concentration
  • Feel you need a general overhaul of your energy
Skype or Phone Consultation
These are proving popular today as they cut out travel costs and on precious time enabling you to have the full benefit of a healing without being present in person. Another advantage over a "distant healing" is that it enables you to tackle specific issues that are troubling you.
As healing is a holistic process, all aspects are covered including energetic house cleansing to keep your home in an uplifted state, free of negative energy. Energetic Space Clearing Sprays are also available to use as needed to help you keep the energy of the home uplifted and clear any discordant or negative energy as and when it occurs.

Are scheduled, depending on need, on topical events including working with and maintain your own energy at work and home, "prevention not a cure" plus life-skills that you can use day-by-day to help you with relationships, family, work or emotional issues and life generally. 

Elixirs of Light Body and Space Cleansers and Lighthouse:
These energetic bottles enable you (and your family) to clear the day-to-day buildup of negative energy from both yourself and your homes as it accumulates. Also available is The Lighthouse,  designed to radiate out pure loving light to uplift the home and then to assist to "light-up" the surrounding community. 


Elixirs of Light Healing Products
The Elixirs of Light tools are also suitable to be used in a clinic environment
to both enhance and accelerate the healing process
and to clear the room following the session.

If you know that you are ready to move forward with your life,
your relationships or health issues, contact Suzanne or
book a session on-line to get started now!

Suzanne lives in Auckland, New Zealand
but carries out healing sessions all over the world!
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