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Elixirs of Light Energy Healing Products

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All products come with a full money back guarantee, within thirty days of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied with the products purchased.

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Ana:  Ana bottle

Ana's nurturing, loving energy reminds us that our soul's journey is about surrendering to the joyful expression of our unique creativity, allowing our lives to flow with grace and ease, "playing" rather than "working" at life. 

She encouraging us to remember the interconnectedness of all things, embracing and enjoying the wonders of nature and the Earth in all her mighty splendor.


This formula is designed to energetically help build you up again when you have or are suffering from exhaustion or burn-out in any care-giving situation; wonderful for health workers, mothers; in fact for anyone in the service industry to help provide energy, stamina and vitality to just keep on going!

This exceptionally important formula provides one of the most essential elements today - it encourages the restoration of the balance between giving and receiving; a necessary formula for anyone who has a mandate to assist and help, on any level.


As you focus on this bottle, its purpose is to assist you to ground and earth your energetic structure to help you focus and be present in your day-to-day life reflecting your true self – spirit living a physical existence.

A wonderful bottle for those who have trouble staying focused in today's reality or when earthing or grounding is proving difficult.


Wonderful for handling changes on all levels; when setting up a new business or going into a new job; when challenged by events or by others; for child raising, in fact for all circumstances requiring faith in yourself or your own Divine connection.

It also helps bring to the surface the innate knowing that we all have the ability and strength to handle what we are drawing to ourselves at any time.



With its pure, clear golden light, Golden is recommended to be the first bottle to use as it serves as a door-opener to us healing on all levels. Its all-purpose formula provides energetic healing, alignment, balance and support helping dissolve, through the layers, anything preventing you from being happy, healthy and whole. 

On a physical level, the raised vibration serves as a energetic spring-cleaner of all organs, systems and structures. A good all round formula for all emotional situation or health and wellbeing issues.

Harmony and Balance:

Encourages you to look at the importance of a harmonic and balanced existance...through your daily activities, through giving and receiving, working and playing, through the intake of food; in fact in all levels of your life.

Wonderful for those who have difficulty staying focused on the present or "staying here" as it is designed to also help "ground" and "anchor" you into your body. Useful to use after a pro-longed or difficult "healing" session as it serves to integrate into the physical reality, the energetic shifts and changes.


Helps clear out the fragments of fear crystallized through the grid lines of the energy field, or locked into systems or structures through past or present day trauma.  Encourages you to find the courage and inner strength to break free of anything or anyone that restricts or binds you!

Wonderful formula for women (or men) experiencing a controlled, battered or abused existence as it clears out the need for the abuse "pattern" and helps restore and strengthening the state of self-love and self-worth.

Life-force Energizer:

This formula was created to assist people to strengthen (and ground) their physical vitality and their life-force to assist them to handle the fast pace of life and the stress that many people are experiencing today.

It also assists with strengthening and merging the energetic bodies, clearing all blockages allowing the integration and grounding of the wisdom and knowledge into their physical existence enabling them to complete their life purpose.

Pure Stillness

Many people find that they are unable to meditate (or switch off) due to excessive head-chatter or just lack of time. Pure Stillness has been energetically designed as a "relaxation" or "meditation" aid to assist both the mind and body to come into a more peaceful state of stillness.  

When held close to the body, it provides a "point of focus" enabling you to "connect within" to achieve, in a short time, the relaxation and benefit obtained during a full meditation! By it focus within the body, it also serves as a anchoring and grounding aid.

Soul Retrieval:

All soul fragments that detach in traumatic or other circumstances can stay in a detached state, floating carelessly around in the ether for so long that they loose touch with their soul's essence, literally becoming lost in space.

Soul Retrieval is structured to send out your soul's etheric blue-print-signature (like a homing beacon) to all fragments drawing them back into your energy field to be gently integrated back, in a harmonious way.


Assist you to "unveil", unravel, release, let go of or surrender to being the full creative potential that you are and move into a state of more conscious awareness and loving acceptance of the person that you are.

This bottle is wonderful for using when you seek inner guidance on life-path directions.

Heavenly Vibrations' Energetic Body Spray:

Use anytime to clear, uplift and expand your energy field... particularly beneficial after a hard-days work, before sleeping, when depressed, fearful, experiencing extreme emotions or when trauma or stress is wearing you down.

wonderful practitioner aid for use in a clinic after a healing session as it will almost instantly clear out energy clusters that have been released, anchoring in the healing structure that has been received and earthing and grounding the client (clients usually comment on how much  "lighter and more grounded" they feel).

Usage: Tune into what you are feeling, then spray the back of the neck (or into the air above your head) then stop and feel the difference!

The spray is fragrance free and preserved with an energetic stabilizer.               

Heavenly Vibrations' Space Cleanser:

When the energy feels "negative" or flat; after negative situations, emotional outbursts or when emotional tension is present; in sick rooms - take an action and reach for the Space Cleanser - all that is required is two or three sprays into the air in a room, as and when required, to clear, uplift, expand and refresh the feel of the room (then step back and feel the difference!).

Wonderful to use in our homes (great in the bedroom just prior to sleeping), work environments, meeting rooms, class rooms, healing clinics, shops, cafes; vehicles and to help maintain the energy after an energetic house clearing.

The spray is fragrance free and preserved with an energetic stabilizer.


(For more information refer to Energetic House Clearing)

Heavenly Vibrations' Lighthouse:

When the Lighthouse bottle is placed anywhere in a home, clinic, work environment, shop, school, hospital etc., it sends out the message that the environment is dedicated to being a living "house of light" and its energetic column of "All Light" radiates out beams of pure, clear light, clearing, uplifting and expanding the energy of the home, helping purifying it into an expanded space of light and unconditional love.

The Lighthouse starts working in the immediate environment where it is place and, over time, as the environment reaches its fullest potential, the lighthouse energy will keep expanding out into the surrounding neighborhood, transforming and uplifting the environment and all those who reside there with its pure beacon of light.

As the Lighthouses are designed to connect with other Lighthouses, a conscious "Web of Light" is slowly being built throughout New Zealand as "houses of light" connects to other "houses of light" helping uplift the country, and the world, and all those who live in it.

A Variety of Sets are also Available:

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Twin Spray Pack

Set includes:


150ml Energetic Room Spray and Energetic Body Spray



Mini Set 1
Set Includes  6 Elixirs of Light bottles:
Ana, Caregivers, Golden, Liberty, Pure Stillness, Unveil


Mini Set 2


Set includes 6 Elixirs of Light bottles:


Life Force Energizer, Joy, Harmony & Balance, Faith, Earthing, Soul Retrevial

Elixir Set One
The Full range of 12 Elixir of Light Bottles. 
Set Includes:
Ana, Caregivers, Earthing, Faith, Golden, Harmony & Balance, Joy, Liberty, Life-force Energizer, Pure Stillness, Soul Retrieval, Unveil.

The Ultimate Set

The Ultimate Set of 12 Elixir of Light Bottles, Twin Spray Set and the Light House Bottle.   Set Includes:


Ana, Caregivers, Earthing, Faith, Golden, Harmony & Balance, Joy, Liberty, Life-force Energizer, Pure Stillness, Soul Retrieval, Unveil, Energetic Body Spray, Energetic Room Spray, Heavenly Vibrations' Lighthouse.

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