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Elixirs of Light for practitioners or Healing Clinics

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Using Elixirs of Light in Clinic Sessions


  • Easy for the clients to use - select and hold!
  • Provides a very accurate "reading tool" for discovering (and clearing) underlying patterns, beliefs or genetic patterning
  • Economical as they are self cleansing and  can be used by your clients, over and over again
  • Safe to use for children - as long as they are holding it, they will receive it
  • Very fast acting usually taking between 5 -10 minutes
  • Will assist to enhances the level and depth of any type of healing modality
  • Helps accelerate the healing being received
  • Very gentle and will never push "past the boundaries"
  • Great educational aid to introduce people to the concept of energy
  • Wonderful for your own personal maintenance (enabling you to top-up without anyone else being present)
  • Great as a personal self development aid
  • If used following a session, help the client to maintain the energetic level gained during the session

How to Use in a Clinic Environment:

At the beginning of the session, get the clients to intuitively choose a bottle... I often refer to them as "focus" bottles and always explain that by the bottle they choose, you will be able to pin-pointing underlying emotional problems needing to be cleared. Then  get them to hold the bottle that has been choosen, close to the body around the stomach area, while they are explaining the reasons for attending. The bottles are a wonderful focus aid and help provide comfort and support through the communication process... it also gives the hands something to hold which can prove beneficial when trauma is present.

Usually by the time they have expressed the reason for requiring a session, the bottle will have completed its healing and cleared surface "stuff" and obstacles preventing the person from opening up to receive (likened to allowing a door to open to enable them to communicate their deepest trauma or fears thus enabling a "deeper" healing to occur).

Once the bottle has completed the healing, it will literally feel "without energy" at which time you will find that they will instinctively want to put the bottle down, or will not be drawn to keep holding the bottle.

Note: For a deeper healing or when people are aware of their own energy field, get them to tune in, as well,  to how they are "energetically" feeling prior to the session. Then get them to imagine that they are travelling down through their head into their spine and connecting into the bottle that they are holding, from the inside. Once the bottle feels "without energy" get them to tune in again to see or feel the shifts that energetically have already occurred.

If they are drawn to more than one bottle, get them to hold the one sighted first and then proceed with holding the other bottles, in the order that they are picked.

Bottles can also be held by the clients through the healing process or held in the practitioner's hand and used in a similar way to working with crystals.

Once the healing session is over, you may like to discuss with the client the benefis of taking home an Elixir to help continue the process that has been carried out that day. Purchases can be supplied by you or bottles can be purchased through the web.

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