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Clinic Environment Testimonial

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"I started using Elixirs of Light in about Dec 07 when I attended Suzanne's Workshop Module 1.

I run a healing clinic and have been using them for nearly every client before they receive treatment. Every time they pick one (I only have the 6 so far) they comment how very appropriate it is. I find it can calm people down as they are talking to you about their issues, and it reveals to both of us the underlying issue(s) quite often. I have noticed a difference in the healing, and that the depth of ‘receiving' from the client is greater.

I have also used these Elixirs in my regular meditation class. I would get each person to select one and hold onto it at the beginning stages when I was talking them through a ‘healing' section of meditation. One time I got them to include the bottle in the meditation - visualising it entering their column of light (power source) to see what would happen. They had extraordinary meditations - it was amazing they said - extremely powerful for them. Another time I had them place the bottle at their feet and then visualise the light coming from the bottle into their centre again - with great results.

I use them a lot in my own meditations or just for self-healing and a need to re-centre or discover something that I need to work on or release. I also use the Body Spray & Room Spray in my clinic. I have used it also in the Health shop clinic where I work twice a month, and in the shop - this seems to have shifted the energy somewhat both for the area, and the Manager of the shop - she loves the body spray one and can feel a difference straight away. I have definitely noticed a difference with the body spray - it makes it so much easier to dis-engage from the client's aura and any transference. I have no hesitation in recommending these Elixirs to any practitioner or person who wishes to enhance their business or own energy systems.

Thank you Suzanne for trusting in spirit to continue to promote these products."

Ngaire Pook, Healing Practitioner, Papatoetoe (2008)

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