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Benefits to You

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Benefits to You and Your Family
of using the Elixirs of Light

Simple to Use:
Simple and easy to use - to receive an energy healing (spiritual healing), just hold close to the body (on the stomach is great) and receive. When the healing is over, the bottles literally feel like "without energy". 

Instant Healing Anytime Any place:
Enables you to receive an instant healing as and when you, your family or friends requires it! Day after day, week after week!

Fast Acting:
The energetic bottles are fast acting taking usually between 5-10 minutes to complete a healing session. Children, on the other hand, may only need to hold them for a few minutes and will lose interest once the healing has been completed.

Unlike other healing tools, the Elixirs of Light are completely self-cleansing and are able to be passed around from person to person without the need for energetic "cleansing" or "re-charging". This makes them very economical for a family and a wonderful tool for clinic environments!

Meditation Aid: 
Great to use if you have been having trouble meditating or as a meditative aid as they enhance the 
depth and level received to enable you to achieve the full benefit of a meditation in a much shorter period of time 

Long Lasting:
The bottles are long-lasting giving you years of usage enabling you to keep working on eroding the layers of disharmonic energy clusters, or patterns and beliefs that have been built up over time.

Enhances a practitioner's healing session: 
As they can be used over and over again, they are great to use in a clinic environment! They enhance all types of practitioner work by clearing "surfacing" discordant energy that is present allowing the healing to go to a much deeper, profound level.

Strengthens your Connection to Self: 
One of their main roles is to restore the inter-connectedness of all the different levels (mind, body, spirit and physical) restoring the vital connection to our inherent, intuitive knowing and anchoring and grounding that wisdom into our physical reality, thus enabling us to feel and build more self love, awareness and confidence in self.

Emotional Reading Tool:
When the bottles are chosen intuitively, they can be used as an at-home, clinic or on-line spiritual reading tool providing insight into the underlying emotions or situation of the person concerned.

Builds a Strong Emotional Foundation:
When used regularly, the formulas, each reflective of our needs today, will strengthen your energetic foundation (energy field) as they clear away pockets of lower vibrating energy and realign you to your pure blueprint, helping you build up a strong emotional foundation to enhance daily life and magnetically start drawing in more harmonious life patterns and events.

Safe to Use with Children: 
As the bottles only requiring to be held to receive, if need be, children may hold them while watching television (or even sitting on the computer) and still receive a benefit. As they are "housed" in glass bottles, supervision is required around young children. Can also be placed under the mattress of a little one to assist with health or emotional issues.

Deeper Relaxation or Meditation:
The bottles help provide a re-education that it is time to connect to Source (God, Spirit) from "within" rather than "outside" ourselves. By drawing your focus back into the body (rather than day-dreaming "out-there") it enables a greater connection to "self" and encouraging the mind and body to relax and move into a more peaceful and harmonious state.

Can be taken from place to place as required (store away from intense heat).

Comfort and Support:
Provide a feeling of "comfort" when held making them great for the sick-room, for the elderly or infirmed or for anyone undergoing hard times.
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