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Grief following a death of a loved one is naturally for those left behind; feeling lost and empty; missing their company and companionship; its impacts each day to remind us that they are no longer with us!
Time goes by and days turn into weeks, weeks months and often years slip past and yet the grief remains to haunt us... often we hold onto the grief because we feel guilty if we no longer grieved for those that have departed because if we no longer grieve, it is as if we have forgotten them!
Not the case! Imagine the pain and grief that they would feel knowing that you still grieve for them instead of embracing the joy of each day and people who are still present in your life at this time.

Choose to move on from grief; file the JOY of your life with them in your heart space and know that nothing can take away the memories of your time with them; do it now... file it away and move on into the loving presence of today!

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