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An overecast dayOver the weekend, I visited friends who are forced to move from their family home due to financial commitments and helped them all clean up the house for auction. Despite the hardship being experienced, everyone was enjoying the comradship of the day, chatting as they worked, with lots of laughter and joy ringing out!

I was surprised at the mood and then realized that with the sun shining and the sky perfectly clear, its bless'ed rays had lifted the doom and gloom of a forced move into a place where somehow it was all okay.

The weather changed overnight and closed in bringing in much needed rain for the garden! I can almost hear the plants and trees singing as they soak up the wonderful rain! Inside the house does not present the same picture as the lack of “light” made it feel dark and gloomy without a lot of upliftment. 

Why,  I wondered, was I allowing the over-cast weather to  impact so dramatically on my moods and realized it all came down to a matter of choice! I see it as a restriction on my enjoyment or I could bask in its necessity for provididng much needed rain for the garden!
So, today, I can choose to sit here and feel uplifted... uplifted because the plant and trees are singing as they soak up the rain!

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