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Change is all around us!

Last night, I started walking in brilliant sunshine, the light on the water on the Estuary so blinding my eyes that it was dificult to see.

Reaching my destination, I watched in joy the birds sheltering on the beach then, mischievous as a child, I succumbed to my urge and raced along the beach and watch them soaring away into the sky.

Reluctantly I turned and headed back along the path! Wow, I was transported somewhere else as blackness was rolling in across the water.

A rainbow fleetingly arched above the horizon, warning me of the coming rain, as the light was slowly sucked away.

Knowing the storm was close, I sought refuse in a friend's house on Fisher Parade and I sat in awe and watched the lightning display as it lit up the sky.
My friend was nervous of the storm and jumped at every bolt of lightning as it flashed whereas I was energized by its living life-force that revitalizes all! 

The rain pelted down then, as abruptly as it began, it stopped and left the energy fresh and uplifted! I stepped outside and breathed in its vitality and then it happened... the sun fleetingly broke through the clouds creating a wonderful vista of colour on the sea as it set! 
Change is all around us and we can either cower away in dread of that change or march forward into the change, embracing it in the knowing that just maybe...  maybe there will be a gift at the end! 

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