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Does your Home need the Healing
rather than You?

I came home last night and sighed, sighed a sigh of relief at being home. Home, home they say is where the heart is and definitely my heart is here anchored in my home. It is my space; my place; the place where I relax and just be me...hmmm be me, does that mean that sometimes I am not me when I am home? Maybe this is a thought for another day... but my home is my home, my created space and it feels so nice and wonderful to me and I feel blessed each time I walk through the door.

But this is not the case for others coming home. Sometimes they drag their tired bodies home after what can be a very hard and weary day seeking solitude, relief and upliftment from the day and walk into pain, to misery, to depression to a home that feel down and out and sad. Ah so sad.
They collapse and wonder what their life is all about; their minds drifting from place to place, remembering the pain, suffering or grief of that lost love, that missed job promotion or forced sale and wondering why they cannot just move on and get back on track with their life!

          “Why do I have to keep going over and over this stuff”!
          “Why can’t I just let it go”? 
          “Why, why, why”!?!?!

The answer to those questions may not be as difficult as you would think! The emotional trauma locked within the energy of their homes may be providing the chains binding them to the memories. Sometimes, all that is required is to energetically clear the energy of the home which releases the stored memories and frees the mind and emotions!
Thirty years ago, this concept would probably have raised a lot of eyebrows but today, so much information has been released through films like “What the Bleep” or “the Secret” drawing attention to the generally unknown fact that everything has its own energy system and that everything that is said, thought and experienced creates an energy structure of that event which radiates out into the environment that is around the event.
When people become over-whelmed with life or have health, emotional or relationships issues, they seek help to sort out their lives, to enable them to get back on track so that their lives can flow again. Healing or a multitude of different therapies offers relief to the problem in hand and following their “therapy” sessions, they head home in gratitude that they have finally moved through their stuff. Wow, what a relief… they feel so great to have the understanding and freedom of the release! They walk back into their home and much to their dismay, the kids are reacting in the same way, the beds still need making and the home feels just the way they left it! Weighted down by the emotions and negativity it has experienced!  They walk in and the energy, the vibes of their home encompasses them and slowly, day by day, helps to imprison them, yet again!

Houses need healing too! 

They need to be regularly cleared of the emotioThey need to be regularly cleared of the emotional, mental and physical clutter that they get bombarded with as much as we do. Happy, relaxed families equaate to happy relaxed homes. But with so much financial and just plain old living stress that people are experiencing today, often homes are reeling on their foundations, screaming out for help but sadly the families living there are so stressed that they do not hear the houses plea for help!
As we become more and more sensitive, so to does the need to keep our home environments clear and free from our own mental and emotional clutter! This is usually not too difficult a problem and, in fact, a lot of the solutions are generally just part of the day-to-day living that we all take for granted.

Messy Homes:
I often hear teenagers say that they love their messy room and that probably is the case! But generally messy spaces help people have messy heads. Endeavour to keep your home reasonably tidy. Teach the children to pick up after themselves. If you are inclined to be a little messy (like the writer) retrain yourself! Walk into the home, put your gear away where it goes; tidy up as you see it (rather than walk around or over it)!  Housework needing to be done will visually impact to nag away at your mind and cause stress and over-load that can be avoided by just tidying up as you go!
Praise for a Job Well Done:
When things need doing, don’t put off until tomorrow. Do as much as you can today, pat yourself on the back and give yourself praise for a job well done! Then tomorrow get back on the job until all those things that you have always promised you will do, have been completed. It clears the mind of the endless round ‘n round head-chatter that prevents you from getting on with the things that you enjoy!
Clear the clutter and help free the mind!
We have all heard it said that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! Sort through your house, room by room and clear out all things that you no longer use or like; clothes that don’t fit any more or thing you are generally storing away, just in case! The rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it or worn it in three or four years, it is just taking up space preventing something else coming into your life! Move it on and feel the difference! Sell your “junk” on line or have a garage sale and use the funds for a great night out for the family or buy something that you have always wanted that you will treasure. Just as important, throw away or fix anything broken as broken things radiate out negative energy!

Spring clean your home:
After that, start room by room and spring clean the house. Chemical cleaners can be harsh on the body so, if possible, use natural ingredients and pure essential oils which not only provide a lovely fragrance to uplift the space but also will help uplift you in the process.

Surround yourself with things you Love:
Your home is your castle and your creative space. Look around that space and feel into its creativity. Outfitting your home can be an expensive exercise or done on the cheap through op shops or markets. Gets your friends aboard and have a swop day but fill your home with things that you feel great about and watch your mood change!
A Change is as good as a Rest:
As we get stagnant by doing the same thing day after day, homes do as well. Regularly shift the furniture around, if you can, and you instantly change the feel of the room. Feel into it before the shift… does it feel better this way or that and adjust the furniture around until it feels great to you!
Whatever your home is like, it is home and will always be so. Express gratitude for your home and if you cannot find it within yourself to like the home or feel grateful for it, move! Move on from the place and find somewhere that you feel comfortable in.
Space Clearing Sprays:

Once the house has been physically cleared and cleaned, the spaces can be kept clear through the use of a Space Cleansing Spray (like the Elixir of Light Space Clearing Spray).

They provide a fast and effective way to clear out old, negative energy and uplift and lighten the space.

If you find that you have carried out all the above and nothing seems to shift the energy, you may require to have a formal clearing or cleansing carried out. This is completed in a similar way to a distant energy healing but this time the recipient of the healing session is the home environment itself. This provides a deep, profound clearing of the home and will help raise the feel of the home and bring it into a more loving and welcoming space.
I have been getting lots of house clearing or blessing work lately which makes my heart sing. It is not an area of healing that is well known by people and yet it plays such an important part in our lives. Everything we do, say and think creates a wave of energy that reflects what was created and is impregnated in the space around where it occurred.  Happy families equate to happy homes! Sickness, anger, frustration, fear or anxiety can all take their toll on a home’s energy and impact or run down the health or emotional wellbeing of all who live there.
Healing sessions are so important for people but if their homes are not cleared, they come home to a space that can impact on them, affecting the progress that they have achieved through the session.
The moral of the story is that if you have been to hell and back, if you and your man have been having a rough time, if the kids are playing up, if there has been illness in the house, clear your homes and release that past stuff that is impregnated in the “energy”, the “feeling” of the home and feel the relief! Give yourself a fighting chance and lift the weight off everyone’s backs and give yourself a fighting chance.


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