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Woke up this morning and could not believe the clarity outside; the air was clean and fresh; the birds singing quietly in the garden and everything felt so wonderfully good! Wonderfully good - wow, felt that way to me but yesterday a young man came and sat with me and spoke about the despair he was feeling due to the fact that he was unable to find work! He spoke about the fact that he had always been able to stay positive all his life but, at this time, with a family to support and no work in sight, he was finding that he could no longer hold that positive focus! My heart went out to him and all the millions of others around the world who are in a similar (or worse) position. We had spoken before, many times in fact, about the same situation.

All I could offer were words of support and encourage! Encouragement to  keep looking at the day with positive eyes; to focus on the things that are uplifting in the day; to notice the smile of a child, a bird singing in the trees, flowers growing; to breath in the freshness of the day and give thanks, infinate thanks for all the things that he has, at this time! Focusing on the cup half full (rather than half empty) and, at least that way, he can pull in energy through the joy of what he is grateful for which will help give him strength (and hopefully some courage) to cope with the work situation until such time as work comes his way.
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