Energy healing techniques and life skills workshop Energy healingtechniques and life skills workshops
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Ultimately my goal as a healer is to see my clients come into a space where they can manage on their own, with little or no contact with me! When this happens, I know I have done my job well! 

I believe we all have gifts and my gift comes in my ability to work with energy to see and understanding beyond what others see! This wisdom cannot be contained and so, I have taught it, every opportunity I get... individually in session; to parents concerned about their children, to people wanting to move out of the rut that they have found themselves, to anyone who is prepared to learn.
Families are one of my special passions and the children... ah the children, some so sensitive that it makes your heart cry... sometimes with joy at the love that is there; sometimes with agony at the pain that they are experiencing.
And from this passion has come many things, one is simple "energy" techniques that help people to clear the mountain of emotional baggage that they carry; to enable them to sit on top of the world knowing that nothing will touch them. Yes, that is my dream, my passion and so I keep reaching out, touching the souls that are ready to be touched, offering my wisdom and knowledge to all who feel that there has to be more than what they are currently experiencing.
My workshops provide what is needed at the time... simple, time honoured insights and understanding into energy and techniques that are effective and work!


"I got referred to do this (Kazam-Kazom workshop) as I am shy and nervous and usually fear "rocking the boat" and Toni said I would benefit. I was anxious as to what o expect and the tools I have learnt (magic wand" and "couldron" I feel it in myself that this will be soo good. Thank you>"
CWM; Kumeu.

"Great afternoon. Everything Suzanne says makes sense and she gave me practitical tools to cope with situations. Thank you."
EC, Castor Bay

"Learning a few key techniques which are simple and practical to learn and remember will be interesting to put into practice. I look forward to seeing some results and letting you know how I get on! It all seems empowering and within our reach to make real change."
H. Cullen, Waimauku.

"Thank you Suzanne for sharing some simple to employ exercises that can bring about radical transformation. As you say, we often make life more complicated than it needs to be and then don't do the work. The exercises you offer can be easily integrated into every day life."
Gill Hughes Auckland, Reconnective Healer, Life Coach, Author
Energy WorkshopsWorkshops to teach people how to work with their own energy and their emotions to come into a state of empowerment and peace.
Energy Workshops for ChildrenRegularly run workshops for children teaching them how to work with energy, combined with a little magic and mind power.