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Kazam-Kazoom Workshop for children


Working with their own energy
to clear over-whelming emotions,
hold their own in difficult situations
and feel better about themselves!

In a recent Parent and Child Workshop, I watched in amazement as the children outstripped their parents and understood and perfected the powerful techniques and got bored waiting around for their parents to catch up!

As a result, I am now teaching the children in separate workshops I call Kazam-Kazoom and hope that the parents will be impressed enough to come in and learn these techniques for themself!
Kazam-Kazoom for Children
Kazam-Kazoom is all about offering simple, practical, fun ways for your children (and even adults) to learn really useful stuff that will enhance their lives. Would like your children to know how to work with their own energy, the power of their own mind combined with a little magic to:
  • Deal with emotional stuff (like anger, frustration, fear or anxiety) that is or may be bothering them
  • Stop being bullied, feeling shy or spacey
  • Feel strong, relaxed and peaceful.
This workshop is suitable for children aged  (depending on emotional maturity) of 10 upwards.

 Kazam-Kazoom Workshop...
giving your children the gift of lifeskills that will last a lifetime.

or if you require further information or you would like to arrange a private
Kazam-Kazoom course for family and friends, please contact:

Suzanne (09) 576 4540 or Mobile: 021 146 9185

Email: suzanne@heavenlyvibrations.co.nz
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