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Energetic Body Spray 150mlEnergetic Body Spray 150mlCan be used anytime to refresh, uplift and expand your energy; particularly beneficial after a hard-days work, before sleeping, when depressed, fearful, experiencing extreme emotions or when trauma or stress is wearing you down. Tune into what you are feeling, then spray one or two sprays at the back of the neck or into the air above your head then stop and feel the difference! Great to use in a clinic after a healing session as it will instantly go through the field to clear out energy cl
Energetic Space Cleanser (Room Spray) 150 mlsEnergetic Space Cleanser (Room Spray) 150 mlsWhen the energy feels "negative" or flat; after negative situations, emotional outbursts or when emotional tension is present; in sick rooms - take an action and reach for the Room Spray - all that is required is two or three sprays into the air in a room, as and when required, to clear, uplift, expand and refresh the feel of the room (then step back and feel the difference!). Wonderful to use in our homes (great in the bedroom just prior to sleeping), work environments, meeting rooms, class
Energetic Sprays - Twin Spray SetEnergetic Sprays - Twin Spray Set
Energetic Sprays 50ml Combo
LighthouseLighthouseWhen the Lighthouse bottle is placed anywhere in a home, clinic, work environment, shop, school, hospital etc., it sends out the message that the environment is dedicated to being a living "house of light" and its energetic column of "All Light" radiates out beams of pure, clear light, clearing, uplifting and expanding the energy of the home, helping purifying it into an expanded space of light and unconditional love. The Lighthouse starts working in the immediate environment where it is plac
Lighthouse x 3 bottlesLighthouse x 3 bottles
Service Energy Healing one and a half hour session
Services Distant Healing x 3 Sessions
Services Distant Healing x 5 sessions
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