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The Lighthouse’s role is to assist to raise the frequency of Love and community spirit by energetically connecting together homes, work-places or other environments consciously dedicated to Light and Love, thus creating an energetic Grid of Loving Light around New Zealand (and hopefully the world).

Once placed in a home, work, clinic, shop, school, hospital, etc. the Lighthouse starts working, expanding out and raising the home environment to the highest possible frequency of loving light, warming, uplifting and supportive to all who live there, helping to bring into focus the understanding that we are all connected and part of the whole!.

Once the home had reached it fullest potential, it’s beam of light continues cascading out into the surrounding neighbourhood, thus creating a living Lighthouse.

As Lighthouses are designed to connect with other Lighthouses, a conscious "Web of Light" is being built throughout New Zealand as "houses of light" connects to other "houses of light" helping uplift the country, and the world, and all those who live in it.

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