Low blood sugar, brain food, cocoa, cinnamon, maple sugar Low blood sugar, brain food, cocoa, cinnamon, maple sugar
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Was given this recipe many years ago by a very elderly health professional who professed that it fed the brain! “
…the brain you know needs food just like every other organ of the body, so you need to feed it” he stressed!
I took his word for it and twice daily I made this precious drink and have to say, it worked for me!
Whether it fed my brain or not I do not know but it certainly helped boost the mid morning
and afternoon blood-sugar/adrenal lows that I was experiencing!
So, try it out and let me know its effects on you.
Alas I could not find any data to quantify the benefits of  either the drink or the Maple Syrup
but he was adamant that it was food for the brain! 

Revitalizzing Drink Recipe
No quantities were given so this was the formula that I came up with but play around with it
to suit your own particular taste and health requirements.

Mix together:
1 tsp cinnamon
1-2 tsps organic cocoa 
Maple Syrup to taste
Hot Water

Take this twice a day;
Best time is mid morning and mid afternoon, 
both times when the body’s metabolism is low;

       As we all know, Cinnamon is great for, amongst other things,
       regulating blood sugar levels but what is also often unknown is
       that it’s aroma, the wonderful smell of cinnamon,
       also helps boosts brain activity!


Cocoa has in recent times received great press because it has now been shown, in a
“natural, organic” form,to be a rich source of antioxidants, flavonoids and possesses
anti-depressant, mood-elevating properties plus a multitude of other different health
Note: Organic cocoa is a completely different product to the “commercial” cocoa
that we find on our supermarket shelves. 
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