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How are They Made:
The bottles contain channeled patterns of light frequency, lodged into water preserved with an energetic preservative.

Why are they Different: 
As well as being self cleansing, enabling them to be re-used, they and are programmed to read what is required from your own energy and provide the energetic programme that you require, as at that time.  

What can You Expect to Experience:

  • Each person's experience will be unique to them;
  • Some feel the pulsing of the energy as it contracts and expands (described as feeling "like a heart beat");
  • Others feel heat or cold emanating from the bottle;
  • Others feel shifts of energy (tingling) in different places throughout the body;
  • Many smell a fragrance (essence of Spirit);
  • Some see colours or revisit past situations or events;
  • Some experience emotion or even pain as it is shifted from the cellular memory
  • Feeling lighter, more relaxed; more peaceful and at ease.
  • Some feel nothing at all!
  • Whatever you feel, know that it is completely right for you.

How Will I know When it is Over?
As the bottles connect into the natural intelligence of the body, once the energy healing has been completed, the bottles literally will "disconnect" from you and feel "without energy".

How Do I Know When to Use Them?
With so much stress and environmental and electro-magnetic pollution in our World today, it is recommended that you hold one bottle each day.  

How do I know which Elixir of Light to buy?
It would be beneficial to have a whole set to choose from but, if you wish to buy only a few, the minimum recommended would be three.  "Golden" would be the first recommended choice then intuitively choose what you are drawn to.

If you have any other questions please email Suzanne on info@heavenlyvibrations.net

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