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"I feel that the results are exceptional and far
beyond my expectation of what can be achieved."

Heavenly Vibrations "energy healing" has developed over almost thirty years into an holistic system designed to help you to realize your true potention by helping you to:
  • Increase your energy life force and help you feel grounded and present
  • Deal with emotional or health issues holding you back
  • Develop skills to cope with whatever life throws at you
  • Handle more effectively difficult relationships (family/friends/bosses) 
  • Clear reactions to stress, fear, phobias, physical or emotional abuse holding you back from realizing your true potential 
  • Meditate (connecting within) or relax more fully 
  • Increase spiritual awareness/develop more intuitive skills
  • Achieve a higher level of understanding about your journey
  • And, most importantly, gain understanding about your energy and learn how to work with it

My clinic provides a beautiful, safe environment where you will find that you are able to sit and talk; to express what is in your heart knowing that there will be no judgement or reaction to what is being expressed.

As I connect with you and "hold" the energy, it helps you bring to the surface the situations or problems that are really troubling you (often something that you never realised existed; a childhood situation; a reaction to something a parent said or did; a painful memory of abuse or rejection) enabling you to move on from the situation so that it no longer has the power to affect or hurt you!

All sessions are designed to help you gain emotional strength and move into a more peaceful and loving space. As your energy is gently cleared, realigned and strengthened, channelled guidance and spiritual teachings flow to enable you to understand and learn from the situations that you are experiencing.

Specialised help is also available for people who have suffered emotional, physical or mental abuse through the Stepping-Stonz Self-Advancement System.

Phone or Skype sessions provide the same healing benefits and, if a distant healing is required, this also is available 

The first session will usually be 1.5 hours long with follow-up sessions one-hour duration.

Why choose to carry a rucksack of hurts and pain rather than a place
where life no longer has the power to impact or hurt you!  

Choose to step away from what you are experiencing into a more powerful existence!

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"Suzanne is a very wise woman with a wide range of healing tools at her disposal…
I totally recommend Suzanne as a healing guide/partner/mentor to anyone who is serious

about actively and consciously undertaking a journey of personal and global healing and progression." 


Costs:         1 hour session             $130.00
                   1.5 hours session        $170.00  
                   Beneficiary Rates:       $70.00 per session

For further information or to book a session, the best way to contact her is con her mobile 021 146 9185 and she will get back to you
or alternatively email heavenlyvibrations@xtra.co.nz (giving your mobile number).

All consultations are payable in advance and can be easily paid on-line. Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation of the arranged appointment time.

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