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Testimonials for Healing Services

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Relationship Issues

On meeting Suzanne, we discussed a reasonably scratchy relationship between my step son aged 4 and I. Every time I would offer him reassurance or love he would take it then through it back at me and I recognised I would tend to do the same in return. He was one when his parents separated and seemed to concern himself with clinging to the respective parent in each household . After my partner gave Suzanne permission to work on him from a distance, the most remarkable thing happened.
The very next day his mother rung me and asked what was it that we had done for him, as he was a different child. He wasn’t demanding attention, or hitting his half brother and was very helpful, loving and caring and seemed content in his own skin.
The compelling evidence itself lies in our complete 180 degree turn in events for me. He has become affectionate without pulling away and for the first time I feel a real unconditional connection which I was trying so hard for before and now find it’s easy for both of us. Thank you Suzanne, it has changed our household.
Corrie Y. Auckland

Letting Go of Issues Holding me Back

I went to see Suzanne because I had some personal issues, that I needed to resolve in order to move forward with my life. Suzanne helped me identify the root cause of these issues. With her words and energetic healing techniques we were able to address and erase these issues that were holding me back.

I am very impressed with my results since leaving the meeting I had with her, and I can honestly say that this is the beginning of having my life back. I want to thank her for helping me break through. It wasn't easy and you have to want to change for such results. I am recommending her to my friends that are being held back in life from their personal issues.
A.M. Auckland, New Zealand


Several years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which causes a lot of pain, tiredness and constant flu-like symptoms.  The doctor told me I would have to learn to live with it.
 Suzanne has helped me enormously, guiding me through many healing experiences.
With compassion, wisdom and multi faceted abilities, she has helped me tune in to deeper levels of awareness, releasing pain and blockages and regaining energy, vitality, enthusiasm, clarity and confidence.
 The quality of Suzanne’s work is exquisite.  She has been blessed with a wonderful ability to heal in many different aspects.  She is a wise woman, earth angel and guide of the highest integrity.
C.M. Auckland

Clearer, lighter and more Aware

Just wanted to say that compared to other forms of healing, I found the session to be extremely efficient in that it was straight to the point and went back to the origins of things – in that sense I felt that I had done in one session what had previously taken me years to move through and now feel clearer, lighter and more aware. Thank you.
Helen M. (Nelson) 

Truly amazing

Hi Suzanne, thank you so much for calling me today and a huge thank you for making the pain in my neck and shoulder go away!!!!!  I have never felt anything like it and to feel the pain go just like that is truly amazing. 
Only once have I had that feeling of pain going away and that was when my daughter Chloe said a little prayer to God to ask him to fix Mummy's back.  At the time I didn't know she had said the prayer, it wasn't till after that she came and asked me if my back was feeling better and it was, the pain just left as it did today. I look forward to learning more from you.
Gabby, West Auckland

Art Blockage

 For some time I had noticed a block in attempting my art work. Suzanne facilitated a wonderful clearing within me, gently but with strength, enabling a shift in my attitude towards my artwork so that I can now approach my work without the hesitation I had before.
The experience was incredibly profound and I feel there has been a huge barrier broken through. |I appreciated Suzanne's respectful, humble and care full approach to the process and hope to participate in another barrier breaker as needed!
Thanks for the crystal cave meditation. I would really love any copy to help my daughter & I with auric/energy  protection in the hospital visits we make and it would be good for us also in strengthening our auras/energy fields as a boundary for visits with her dad too. Much love and Appreciation.  
Leigh, Mangawhai    


Multi-chemical Sensitivity

I have multi-chemical sensitivity and had a phone session with Suzanne.  For the first couple of days after the session, I was compelled to rest and take it easy. For the first time in years I developed a cold which told me that my body was eliminating which, to me, is a very good sign. I feel that I am mentally more focused. My energy has uplifted and my body feels stronger. I feel emotionally more able to cope and, at this time, my depression has lifted.
I am using her teachings and find that they have taken a life of their own and are amazing to work with. They are so simple to use and have been very beneficial in helping me to feel that I can move forward to overcome this completely.         Debbie (aged 54) 

Depression and Over-eating

For most of my life I have suffered from depression and compulsive overeating. Over many years I have tried everything I knew to do to overcome these dis-eases. For a time I would have varying degrees of success, but I could never seem to get to the root cause of my problems and eventually they would return.
After just four sessions with Suzanne I have found that she quickly uncovered and healed the underlying causes of my depression and overeating and her healing techniques have given me emotional and pattern clearing around these and other issues.
Suzanne is a very wise woman with a wide range of healing tools at her disposal. Her energy work is intuitive, clear, quick and effective. She treats every person and every issue individually and with the utmost respect. She is a kind and caring person, easy to relate to and totally trustworthy. She lives by what she believes, ie she walks the walk and does not just talk the talk. For me, these are the attributes I require in order for me to establish the deep level of trust necessary to affect deep and lasting healing.
I totally recommend Suzanne as a healing guide/partner/mentor to anyone who is serious about actively and consciously undertaking a journey of personal and global healing and progression.     A.T. Auckland

Coping with Life’s Severe Challenges

I wish to thank-you for assisting me personally and my family though the most traumatic time of my life when most of my worst fears have come to the fore.
In the last year I have experienced a death in the family, several hereditary family issues, loss of all investments, loss of job, loss of income and the loss of the brand new dream home. With an accounting back-ground failure on financial issues carries with it a huge loss of face among other professionals, family and friends.
When you visited our home a year ago, you cleared our home of the negative energy, and identified with me some personal issues that I needed to over-come. We have been working on those and I feel greatly relieved, and no longer feel obliged to fight and prove myself on these issues.  A new direction and an exciting new life is emerging in a different paradigm, from that I have lived in the past.
I have been using the techniques that Suzanne has taught me to relax, to accept the changing circumstances of my life, and to meet the new challenges full of renewed energy and enthusiasm. While I am still acutely aware of my circumstances, I feel relaxed and able to communicate with a lot more people over these issues without feeling embarrassed, guilty or stupid over the situation.
My wife and young adult children have been very supportive and loving during this process, which has involved several one to one counselling sessions and using the techniques of the Heavenly Vibrations Elixirs of Light bottles.
I feel that the results are exceptional and far beyond my expectation of what can be achieved. I am now looking forward to the new experiences in my life full of excitement, renewed energy, lots of love and compassion, and forgiveness of the past. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. You have made a tremendous difference to my life.    
Graham W. Auckland, NZ 

Energy "blow-out"

Recently my energy field sustained a "blow-out" which made me feel fragmented, unfocused and confused. As a result, I was unable to function in my work environment to my usual standard. Reaching a point of absolute frustration with myself, I contacted Suzanne to understand what was going on.
Suzanne worked on me energetically and with the Elixirs of Light to repair my energy field.  She also supplied me an Energetic Body Spray to assist me in restoring and grounding my energy at home.I left feeling much more physical. Since that time, I feel more present and able to focus on my work.
W.N. Auckland

More Positive and in Control

I would like to thank you for the healing session you gave me last week.  I left the session feeling amazing.  I really felt empowered and felt I was more in control of things that had been causing me stress.  It has definitely made a difference to me and I feel so much more positive.  
Tanya, Howick   

Ungrounded and fragmented:

 On Friday, my birthday, I was a mess.  I prayed to God for help.  I received help.  Three people contacted me unexpectedly who provided exactly the help that I needed.  I was so astounded that I received an answer to my prayer.  I asked Christine ‘how did you know I needed help?’  Her answer was she got a message from her guides to call me.  I asked Suzanne Evans why she thought she needed to make contact with me, her answer was that my higher self had petitioned to her higher self to help me.  Help me she has.  I am so grateful.  I had not met Suzanne before.
Central core.  My energy body was way out of alignment.  This has led to many problems in my life including the difficulty in grounding, in really being here and being present. I thank you Suzanne for helping me to re-establish my core, and come back into my body.  It’s great to have feet again.
Soul fragmentation.   Thank you Suzanne for helping me to retrieve my soul parts.  I feel so much more substantial.  Sensitivity.  I thank you Suzanne for helping me to understand my sensitivity and giving me the tools to protect myself from unwanted energies that take advantage of my sensitivity.
Aaron S.  

Testimonial from a Psychologist

The processes we have been working with (in the healing session) are much faster and have helped me on a much deeper emotional level than any of the processes I have learned and practised as a psychologist. Thank you for that Suzanne.
R.G. West Auckland

Testimonial by a Medium suffering from Nerves

I meet Suzanne Evans at a Spiritual Fair in Pakuranga. What struck me was her serenity and energy when she worked.  It was amazing. 
As I am a medium the next stage for me was to get up and do some platform work.  I had hosted a couple of shows before meeting Suzanne and had a very bad case of nerves.  I had a show booked in April and decided to go see Suzanne the night before the big event and she worked to clear out the fear and instill confidence in my abilities on stage.
The day of the show I was amazed at how calm I felt and that evening, gone were the sweating palms, the shaking legs and I even had the audience laughing. I was so proud of myself and there are not enough words to express my thanks to you Suzanne.
Warmest Regards, Debra, Pakuranga

A gifted teacher and healer

I have now met with Suzanne 3 times, twice for house cleansing and once for a person energy session. What can I say... she has a real gift for seeing your truth and helping you to see it too. She is an open and honest teacher, emparting her wisdom generously. Both house cleansings have created more harmony both personally and professionally for my husband's business. 

On a personal level, my healing session was profound and insightful. I learnt things about myself from a much deeper and more loving place. Suzanne is truly gifted at what she does.
Helena, Waimauku 

Relationships and for Personal Growth

I have attended many sessions with Suzanne for both relationship issues and for personal growth and expansion.

Suzanne holds the energy of love and compassion and creates a space for others to find their truth.

Irene, Auckland

Travelling through Space and Time

Where I’ve come from to where I am now is like travelling through space and time. Profound love and gratitude and divine love to Suzanne for all her divine skills of taking my broken pieces of pottery, gluing them back together and turning them into a Golden ball of light.
Desma, New Zealand

Clearing the past to attract more positive Energy

Before I worked with Suzanne I was at a low point in my life which had spiralled into an endless cycle of negativity brought on by traumatic events that had occurred over the past few years. I knew I needed to get my life back on track, but lacked the tools necessary to do so. I was drawn to Suzanne and immediately felt I needed to connect with her. She is such a warm, giving person and took the time to explain to me how she could help me to move forward and change my thought patterns to raise my vibrations and attract more positive energy into my life.
After receiving a distant healing and house clearing there was a remarkable difference. The house felt like a dark fog had been lifted and my family and I no longer felt a weight upon our shoulders. Suzanne showed me ways to strengthen my energy field to enable me to be better equipped to handle anything that comes my way. I look forward to continuing my personal healing journey with her guidance in the future.
JM (2016)

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