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Stepping-Stonz to Peace and Tranquility

Empowerment and personal strength is reclaimed 
when memories of past traumatic events 
no longer have the power to “hurt” you!

The Stepping-Stonz Self-Advancement Healing System©  provides a simple yet effective healing method to bring you into a place of negative reaction and personal strength as it tracks down and clears out energetic records you carry of emotional or physical abuse, trauma, fear or destructive-type programmes.
This process was created from my desire to assist my clients to step into their own empowerment and reclaiming back their self-respect, self-love and even more important, their dignity!
Over time, I have watched with absolute amazement as my clients broke free of reactions to past events that crippled them emotionally and physically to move into a place of non-reaction, allowing them to reclaim back their personal empowerment which strengthened their ability to cope and manage their day-today life.
The Stepping-Stonz System is Beneficial for:

  •  Emotional or physical abuse, self-abuse, low self-esteem, victimhood
  • Unresolved childhood issues, family disputes, relationship issues
  • Emotional Reaction (phobias, fear, worry, anxiety), negative patterns or addictions  
  • Strengthening your ability to cope with life’s challenges
  • Gain insight and understanding as to why...
How the Sessions are Carried Out:
Health or emotional issues are generally created through a layering process of events, situations or reactions over a long period of time which are all recorded not only in the brain but in their energy system. The Stepping-Stonz system tracks down the reactions and situations and tackles the layers, as presented, during each healing session.
Whether by phone or in person, you will be guided, step by step, through the Stepping Stonz healing process to locate and help you heal any underlying issues or core beliefs impacting on your life at this time.
Intuitive insights and understanding is provided to help you move on from situations that previously trapped you in patterns of low self-esteem or self worth, destructive self-patterning, addictions or victimhood affecting your over-all health and well-being.

Workshops are regularly provided to equip you with self-help tools to strengthen your understanding of yourself as an "energetic being" and also to help you master your emotional responses to life.

When there have been years of emotional trauma, it is recommended that no less than Five Sessions are carried out to ensure that the situations are completed dealt with, issue by issue. For the most effectiveness, the first three sessions are recommended to be carried out weekly, followed by fortnightly sessions from that time onwards.

One off sessions are available if required.

Stepping-Stonz Block Booking Rate allows you to pre-pay your sessions which effectively allowing you to get the seventh session free.
Cost of the Sessions:

Stepping-Stonz Block Booking Rate for 7 sessions pre-paid $600.00 
Individual consultations     $130.00 per hour.
Beneficiary Rate will be provided on request.

"I feel that the results are exceptional and far beyond my expectation of what can be achieved." 


Costs:         1 hour session             $130.00
                   1.5 hours session        $170.00  
                   Beneficiary Rates:       $70.00 per session

For further information or to book a session, the best way is to contact her on her mobile: 021 146 9185
Or alternatively contact her on her email (giving your ccontact number) heavenlyvibrations@xtra.co.nz 

All consultations are payable in advance and can be easily paid on-line. Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation of the arranged appointment time.

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