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Project Healing Humanity

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"I have a dream but I cannot do it on my own -
please join me and see what we can achieve!"

Love Love Loving


While driving the other day, I got a flash, a flash of inspiration and the challenge went out – well, Suzanne, what are you going to do with it?

The thought had come in, as it had once before, of getting a group of people together to consistently connect together in meditation daily to assist to raise the vibration of Love on this planet. Love is all there is. If all of humanity was in a permanent state of love, what else would there be left to do except bathe in the bliss of that Love!

All are worthy of love; all are worthy of our unconditional love and when we give to humanity, we also give to the most important person of all, ourselves!

The problem has always been the timing; the logistics; commitments to other things and then I realized that once again, I had seen it as a problem too big to over-come and shelved it rather than putting it out there that yes, this was a wonderful thing to do and yes, it was achievable.

The Solution:  It came through and is so simple - as we meditate, all it would take would be a commitment to apportion a small part of that meditation to connection in to the vibration of the 7am Love, Love, Loving Humanity Meditation and no matter what time it was, it would happen. 

How many people coming together would we need to change the consciousness of the world, a hundred, a thousand, a million!

Imagine if... imagine if millions of people daily were all focusing on Love, Love, Loving who we all are - ”Humanity”...Imagine what might be achieved for humanity and for us all!

The Time:  Anytime, day or night
Length of Meditation:  5 Minutes
The Place:  Anywhere
The Focus:  Connecting into the…7am Love, Love, Loving Humanity Meditation

I have a dream but I cannot do it on my own - please join me and see what we can achieve!

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