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Practitioner Mentoring and Support

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Over the years, I have looked with regret at the passing over of yet another practitioner whose work I admired or respected.

Despite all their knowledge and skill, it has remained a puzzle, begging to be solved, as to why practitioners are prone not only to burn-out but also to other illnesses (cancer etc.) that ultimately wipe them out and take them out of the equation.

As a practitioner, this initially made me very nervous about continuing this work because, quite honestly, no matter how much I cared, dying for my clients just isn’t what I have come here for! I just love my work and am totally passionate about practitioners (me included) staying around to benefit from the incredible work that we do to help both humanity and the wellbeing of this beautiful world that we live on!

The practitioner Support Sessions have been set up as a result!

They provide practitioners, of all levels, a place where they can attend, either in person or by phone, to receive the necessary, energetic clearing, refining, up-grading to their systems (energetic, emotional, physical, metaphysical), skills and practises to enable them to keep ahead of the people who needs they are serving.

Recognising the importance of practitioners effectively clearing their own energy and their practice rooms following healing sessions and to continue their healing processes at home, the Lighthouse and Heavenly Vibrations Space Cleanser and Body Cleanser have been developed.

These beautiful formulas are also being made available to selected practitioners to use through their healing practices. 


Costs:         1 hour session             $110.00
                   1.5 hours session        $140.00  
                   Beneficiary Rates:       $50.00 per session

For further information or to book a session, the best way to contact Suzanne is on her mobile 021 146 9185 
Or alternatively email her giving your contact number at heavenlyvibrations@xtra.co.nz  

All consultations are payable in advance and can be easily paid on-line. Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation of the arranged appointment time.

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