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How to Assess If Your Home Needs to be Energetically Cleared

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How to Assess if Your Homes Needs to be Energetically Cleare

How to Assess to See if Your Home Needs 
to be Energetically Cleared?
The energy of a home is a true indicator of the style of living that is and has been lived there.

Happy families usually have energetically happy homes (unless they were affected by the previous occupants).

Alternatively, negative environments due to:
Energy Bleak and dark
  • Ill-health, drink, drugs
  • Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Victimhood
  • Anger, Frustration, Bitterness 
  • Relationship Issues, Emotional Trauma, 
to name a few, all run down the feel of the home causing additional trauma to the people living there.

Clearing the home will help to lift up all who live there as it helps to uplift the energy of the house which, in turn, helps to uplift the people living there enabling them to move into a more positive and uplifted feeling.

Note: It does not solve the problems but clearing the energy of the home can aid by providing a helping hand towards moving the occupants towards finding or moving towards a solution (refer Energy Healing). 

Sometimes it will be obviously that the house has a problem as you can generally gauge the feeling of a home on arrival.

The rooms that people gravitate to are usually happy areas.

The areas that people or children avoid are usually the ones that need cleansing the most and it is quite common to find one room (or even an area of a room) which has an energetic distortion making it uncomfortable to be in.


There are a few main indicators to let you know when a house or building needs to be energetically cleared or cleansed:
  • When the house (or rooms) feels negative, uncomfortable or out-of-sorts or feel cold or have cold spots
  • When people avoid certain areas or rooms
  • When negative (or bad) "Spirits" or "ghosts" are felt or sensed
  • When children have nightmares or feel frightened to be in a room
  • When personalities change 

Stand outside your property and think of an event, or person or something that uplifts you and makes you feel wonderfully happy.

Walk into the home and stand in each room and feel the impact of that room.

If the house is a happy, harmonious home, you will find that you will be able to hold that "happy feeling" in each room. 

Each room may feel different but at the end of your round, you will get a sense of how the house as a whole feels.

If the house feels fine over-all, that is great and you can breathe a sigh of relief and relax.

Alternatively, if the house felt:

  • Emotionally draining or dark and down or you feel closed down or unhappy 
  • Rooms or areas feel out of balance or out of sorts 
  • You felt all shivery, jittery or nervous (or overwhelmed with negative emotions)
Then, the house will need to be energetically cleansed. This can be done in person or by means of a distance healing. 

Alternatively, if you are unsure, contact us to arrange a FREE ASSESSMENT or give Suzanne a ring on 021 146 9185 to discuss the matter further.

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