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Why Do You Need to Clear the Energy of Your Homes...

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Imagine the situation of being drawn to a beautiful home which exactly suits your family’s requirements.

With great excitement you move in but, after a period of time, everything starts going wrong. Life once felt great but now you wake up each morning feeling tired or drained! The kids who have always been great friends start fighting, accidents start happening and despite your new home looking great, everything feels out of whack! You keep chipping away to fix the situations that are occurring but, no matter what you do, nothing works to sort out the problems that your family is now experiencing.

You keep wondering what is wrong; why has the family dynamics changed and what can be done about it!

The answer to this situation is often a simple one...
what you and your family are doing is living the life-style
of the previous owners who lived in your family home!

Help! How do we fix this?

The solution is simple; clear out the energy of the previous occupiers and watch the immediate changes that occur in your family's life!

How can it be that simple?

Most people have a natural urge to spring-clean their new homes to clear out any dirt or grime left by the previous owner and to impart their stamp on their new home yet rarely think to clear the energetic blue-print of the previous owners from the home which is lodged in the energy fabric of the home!

Why is it necessary to have the energy cleared?

Every action that we take, everything we say, think and feel creates its own unique energy patterns that flows out into the space that is around us. If you had the ability to do so, these energy patterns could be read like a book! Happy situations create harmonious patterns for you to walk through which strengthens your natural health and emotional state. On the other hand, negative situations create vibes that run down your own natural energy, vitality and affect your emotional positivity!

Most of us have experienced a time when we felt emotionally hit; after a fight or row had occurred. Energetically, this is exactly what you are experiencing because negative energy radiates out, in waves (like sharp, pointed lightening bolts). If your energy field is strong, this has little impact but if you are tired or run-down, emotionally vulnerable or if your health is not strong, these &;lightening bolts; can penetrate into your energy field and damage it.

Homes (work environment and even businesses) have their own unique energy structure which absorbs the "energy" of the current (and previous) style of "living" carried out there. Happy families usually produce an uplifted "feeling" in the homes whereas a negative style of living (fighting, stress, illness, divorce, financial prosperity, etc.) can cause the home to give off bad energy vibes!

Often our home energy is over-looked in our quest to improve our health or emotional state despite the fact that it plays a vital role in our life. The case studies below give classic examples of situations that are regularly experienced by healers or other therapists in the natural health arena:

  • A happy couple snaps up a "bargain home" placed on the market after a nasty divorce only to find, not long afterwards, that their previously great relationship starts experiencing trouble with the couple bewildered as to why this was happening. The house is cleared and a weight drops off them - the weight of the emotional trauma of the divorced couple who previously lived there and harmony is restored!

  • Homes can also suffer from "unwanted spirits" (ghosts) and is common to receive a call from parent worried about their child not sleeping or emotionally being unsettled or traumatized to discover that the child is being impacted on by a ghost that the child knows is around but the adults cannot see! Once the unwanted “visitor” is helped to move on, the child's sleep patterns return to normal.

  • Another common situation is of a builder building a house while experiencing financial hardship. Although the house is physically well built, he ends up creating a "pattern" in the energy of the home of what he is emotionally feeling each day… that is "stress, worry and financial hardship".

  • A happy couple move in and the pattern of the previous owner starts to under-mine their previously strong sense of well-being and financial prosperity! The energy of the home is cleared and harmony and prosperity starts to flow again!

  • Or people, who were once great sleepers and, no matter what you do or say, find that they now cannot settle or sleep in their lovely new home until the restless energy of the previous owner (who was a non-sleeper) was cleared out from the room that they now sleep in.

  • Another experience seen was a situation of a wonderfully fit and healthy young man moving into a new home and from then on, he starts to physically experiencing all the symptoms of the illness of the lady who previously occupied his bedroom! Once the room is energetically cleared of the energy of the previous owner, the symptoms disappeared.
When homes environments have undergone chronic stress, violence or major emotional events, clearing the home can be seen as just one step towards "healing" a home environment to help the family face the reality of what is happening there and take an action for change. Energy healing, family counseling, requesting help from organizations with the capability to assist are all beneficial and can provide much needed assistance in cases such as these.

What do you need to do to keep your home energy uplifted and healthy?

Regularly assessing the energy of the home and, if required clear it! This is a simple process which you can easily carry out yourself or get someone to help you with it. What is required is to stand outside your home and think wonderful thoughts that emotionally uplift you. Then stand in the middle of each room and see if you can hold these thoughts. At the same time, become aware of dark areas or areas that the family does not gravitate to. If there is only slight movement, the house is fine. If not, it is recommended that the home be energetically cleansed.

If you feel that you are unsure as to its state, an assessment can be requested by email or by phone. The home will be tuned into thand we can let you know what is required.

Not all situations require a formal “house cleansing”. Common practices to cleanse the home are using crystals and minerals, sound instruments (singing bowls), salt or Sage smudging all of which are designed to clear and uplift the energy.

Alternatively, for simplicity, the house can be regularly cleansed with a few sprays of a reliable space clearing product (like the Heavenly Vibrations Elixirs of Light Space Clearing Spray).

In the event that the energy of the home does not lift after you have carried out a basic clearing, a formal home clearing or cleansing can be carried out. It is a simple process and the clearing is undertaken in a similar manner to a distant healing but, this time, the recipient is the house and land. It is not necessary for the healer to be physically present at the location of the house being cleared as they usually have the ability to tune into the home from a distance.

We are all entitled to live in a home environment that feels good! If your home does not come up to this standard, choose to take an action for change. Get it cleared and keep it that way by regularly using a reliable energetic spray or other methods to keep your home happy and smiling!
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