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Avatar film - showcasing the inter-connectedness of All

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Avatar Film Review

The film Avatar opened to huge box office sales, breaking all records in its opening days. Wow! Science fiction at its finest or was it paving the way towards us obtaining a better understanding of whom and what we are.

This 3D spectacle portrayed the Na’vi, a sentient humanoid native specie, recognizing the “spiritual” nature and energetic interconnectedness that links all life forms, humans, animals, the land, trees and plants, in fact all of nature. When they were forced to take the life of an animal, they honoured and thanked its spirit for the role it played in the natural food chain that exists there to keep all life-forms sustained. All of nature was revered; from the smallest insect to the largest trees in the forest.

Our true energetic nature was put on display in this film. Although Quantum Physics has in recent years come on board by quantifying this fact, little is generally known about this amazing discovery! Imagine the scientists surprise when they explored deep into our cells to solve the question of what we are made of to find that we are energy at our core and, as such, we each have our own natural energy supply!

From a healer’s point of view, this film was released at a wonderfully opportune time.  For years, I (and others) have been quietly laying the foundation of the importance to mankind of understanding that people and nature are part of a huge, interconnected energetic pool and encouraging people to start taking responsibility for what, often unbeknown to them, they are creating.

As we are all interconnected, just as a pebble thrown into a pond causes ripples that keep on expanding, so to does every action that we take, every thought, every feeling – each either expanding and strengthening us (and everyone around us) or depleting and running down us all! As such it is important for mankind to start taking full responsibility for its actions and recognizing the full impact that it has not only on each and every one of us, but on the world!

Avatar has set a benchmark in film production that is years above the current level we had previously been seeing. Like many others, I too sat through it twice and, in time, will add it to my private collection of films to be enjoyed over and over again. An amazing spectacle, incorporating the old nuance of the  “goodies” fighting and winning over the “baddies” with spectacular scenery and special effects that took your breath away.

Hopefully, in time it will prove to do more than just entertain us. In the reality of the “energy healing field” that I live in, I personally have seen and experienced much of what was portrayed in that film….miraculous healings when a group comes together and links their energy to send energy to one source; touching a tree and being flooded with energy that reduced me to tears and helped me release emotional pain that was stores deep within; feeling energy from animals, insects, in fact all of nature. For me and many others on this planet today, it is the true reality of who and what we are!

Only time will tell and, here and now, I feel blessed to have experienced the wonder of Avatar and gives thanks for the creative genius of the makers of this beautiful film for the gift they bestowed on us all.

Article written by Suzanne Evans, Heavenly Vibrations © 

Avatar - Science Fiction or Paving the way to showcase the Interconnectedness of All Things
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