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Energetic House Clearing Case Studies

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After working for many years in this field,
it is wonderfully rewarding
to see the difference that the space clearings
make on the lives of the people who live there.

The cases set out below are designed to give an indicator of the wide range
of situations experienced during a house clearing or space clearing session.

Builder's Stress and financial Hardship Anchored in New Home:

A builder built a beautiful house while experiencing financial hardship. Despite loving their new home, the new owners found themselves feeling more depressed and down each day. They could not understand why they had lost their previously strong confidence relating to their financial prosperity without there being any "physical" cause for the same! Once the house was cleared of the “pattern” the builder created of what he was emotionally feeling each day - that is “stress, worry and financial hardship” harmony was restored much to the relief of the couple concerned.

Pre-school child suffering from sleepless nights and Anxiety:

In one particular case, a little pre-school girl suffered from sleep problems and nervousness. After she had moved from the nursery, her parents noticed that she would never go into that room even when they were present. Finally, I was called to do a house clearing to discovering that the Spirit of a previous owner was still "present" and kept returning to the nursery room. 
 Much to her family's joy, once the clearing was completed, the little girl was found, a few minutes later exploring the old nursery room that she had never been in for years! Following up, I found that she had experienced huge personality changes and was now sleeping through the night. A wonderful result for all concerned.

Ghostly Visitor Scares young Mother to Death:

Another time I was called in to clear the house of a presence that freaked out the young owner each night as she went down the stairwell to lock up the house for the night. There was a cemetery close by and I discovered that a few of the ghosts had wondered across to make this house their new home and objected to someone invading their space. It was a simple matter to clear them on and, from that time onwards, the stairwell again felt a normal part of the natural uplifted energy of the home. (refer Testimonial My Ghostly Encounter).

Nasty Divorce leaves Nasty Emotions in Home:

After a nasty divorce, a happy family snaps up a "bargain home". Not long afterwards, their previously great relationship starts experiencing trouble with the couple bewildered as to why this was happening. The kids who have always gotten along, start fights and no-one seems to be able to get a good night’s sleep. Afte the space clearing is completed, a weight drops off them - the weight of the emotional trauma of the divorced couple who previously lived there and harmony is restored! 

Computer Blues and tension settled with Energy Spray:

Another simple case displayed how easily a house energy can become chaotic and uncomfortable. In this instance, one family member struggled with the computer and continually kept losing her temper and getting angry with "the stupid machine". Over a period of time, this generated a considerable "negative field" around the computer which helped feed the anger of the computer person. Luckily a visitor commented on how strange it was that she had been feeling emotionally great until she sat down at the computer and then got all agitated and angry. Clearing the energy (this time, all that was required was to use the Elixir of Light Room Spray) alleviated the problem instantly and also allowed the computer person to finally settle down and start to work more in harmony with the computer that she had previous despised!

Previous Owner's  Ill health impacts on new Owner:

Or the situation of a wonderfully fit and healthy young man moving into a new home and from that day onwards, he starts to physically experiencing all the symptoms of the illness of the lady who previously occupied his bedroom! At a loss ot understand why he has come down so ill, he eventually sought help from me to discover that his body was responding to the energy of the previous owner.

Once the room is energetically cleared of the energy of the previous owner, his health started improving back to its former state.

Another more recent case was when a young man came to stay with a family and took over one of the children's room. She was a young adult who generally slept well but, after the visit, she complained that she just could not get to sleep and, with a bit of embarrassment, stated that she felt the man's energy still in the room. Once the room had been "energetically cleared of his presence" by using the Elixir of Light Energetic Room Spray, she was able to go straight to sleep without any further disturbances.

House clearing dramatically increases sale price:

A lady visiting from Australia contacted me about her home. Since her separation over a year ago, the family home had been placed on the market and, due to the recession in Australia, she had exceptionally low offers for the home which she declined. She was very down and not looking forward at all to going back home.

While here, she got a call from an agent wanted to show the home to potential customers and immediately flew home and requested me to do an urgent house clearing which I carried out. I found that the house carried a massive amount of emotional pain and trauma which needed to be cleared. In the process, I also thanked the house on behalf of the family that had lived and loved the home during their time there and blessed it for the new owners who would be making the house their home.

 I got the following email through a few days later:
 “I accepted an offer on my house yesterday and we are now under contract! I only flew back on Friday night, and it didn't feel as bad as I had worried about. So YES I believe your energy clearing has definitely helped me with the house! Thank you so so much….   ….The contract is at $862,000 - so much better than the previous weeks offer of $770. Still lower than the high 900's that I had been hoping for. But with this bad depressed market and after 8 months of lots of inspections but basically poor feedback, this was probably the best I was going to achieve.  Once again, thank you so much. (LisaW).”

Her house sold for $92,000 more than her highest previous offer. This is not to say that all houses will be sold at a higher price but, once the trauma had been released, the house felt so much more uplifting and literally happier to be in which, in this case, attracted the new home buyers to make a higher offer!
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