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Energetic House Clearing Testimonials

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My Ghostly Encounter

I would never have believed it if I had not experienced it myself. I moved into an older, home with my two children and two dogs. It was a big two storied house and each night, as I went downstairs to lock up, I felt the presence of something horrible as I went down the narrow stairwell. I felt sooo freaked that I used to ring my Mum, even if it was late at night, to just have someone to talk to and rushed down and back. It got to the place when I really hated the process of locking up but, being on my own had to do it!
I never told anyone outright about it because I thought they might think I was crazy but, each time someone new came over and went downstairs to have a look around, each one of them commented on how freaky it felt which didn’t help at all.
Finally I couldn’t take it any more and contacted Suzanne who did an “energetic house clearing” for me and instantly it all changed! From that time onwards, the stairwell felt okay and, I never felt it again.
TKE, Howick.

House Clearing following a Separation

“I accepted an offer on my house yesterday and we are now under contract! I only flew back on Friday night, and being back didn't feel as bad as I had worried about. So YES I believe your energy clearing has definitely helped me with the house! Thank you so so much….
….The contract is at $862,000 - so much better than the previous weeks offer of $770. Still lower than the high 900's that I had been hoping for. But with this bad depressed market and after 8 months of lots of inspections but basically poor feedback, this was probably the best I was going to achieve.  Once again, thank you so much. (LisaW).”

(refer: Case Study: House Clearing Dramatically Increased Sale Price)

Clearing of both a home and a business envkironment

I have now met Suzanne 3 times, twice for house cleansing and once for personal energy session (refer testimonial for personal sessions). Both house cleansings have created more harmony both personally and professionally for my husband's business.

Suzanne is truly gifted at what she does.

Helena C. Waimauku

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