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Energetic Clearing Sprays and Lighthouse

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Answer to our Prayers -
Space Cleanser,
Body Spray 
and Lighthouse

body Spray, room Spray and lighthouse bottle


When negativity strikes; when you are feeling exhausted or tired; when you are feeling down or out; when the boss is driving you crazy; when the kids are screaming or out of control; when your husband/wife/boss/work colleagues are driving you crazy; when you just feel like you cannot get it together or you just plain want to move into another space of being... reach for the Energetic Space Clearing Spray or Body Spray and feel the instant relief!


We are energetic and our energy is impacted on not only by our own actions, feelings and emotions but also by the emotions of everyone and everything that is happening around us and these sprays were manufactured firstly for my own sanity and then reproduced with you in mind! The Lighthouse too has you in mind and knows that sometimes we just get busy and need a helping hand to just keep the vibes in the house up when the world appears to be crumbling around us! 



When the energy feels “negative” or flat; after negative situations, emotional outbursts or when emotional tension is present; in sick rooms - take an action and reach for the energetic Space Cleanser/Room Spray - all that is required is two or three sprays into the air in a room, as and when required, to energetically clear, uplift, expand and refresh the feel of the room (then step back and feel the difference).


Wonderful to use in our homes (great in the bedroom just prior to sleeping), work environments, meeting rooms, class rooms, healing clinics, shops, cafes; vehicles and to help maintain the energy after an energetic house clearing.

The energetic space cleaner is fragrance free and preserved with an energetic stabilizer.


It comes in two convenient sizes - 150 mls and 50 mls handbag size.


Note: Where there has been a huge build up of layers of negative energy from violence, drugs, emotional abuse, extreme poverty, long-term illness or trauma, it is recommended that a full energetic house clearing be carried out first by a practitioner qualified in this field, then using the sprays and Lighthouse to help maintain the energy after it has been cleared.


(Your wonderful body spray is just an added bonus to assisting me through.
I use it before walking out the door in the morning and last thing at night before going to bed"). 

The energetic body spray can be used anytime to refresh, uplift and expand your energy; particularly beneficial after a hard-days work, before sleeping, when depressed, fearful, experiencing extreme emotions or when trauma or stress is wearing you down.


Tune into what you are feeling, then spray one or two sprays of the energetic body spray at the back of the neck or into the air above your head then stop and feel the difference!


Great to use in a clinic after a healing session as it will instantly go through the field to clear out energy clusters that have been released (clients usually comment on how much  “lighter” they feel). 


The energetic body spray is fragrance free and preserved with an energetic stabilizer. 

Comes in two handy sizes - 150 mls and 50 mls handbag size.


Purpose of Heavenly Vibrations’ Lighthouse©:

The Lighthouse was created for a dual purpose... firstly to help raise the vibration of our homes to bring them into a space of All Loving Light and secondly to start to consciously connect our homes (our living environments) together to create an energetic Grid of All-loving Light around New Zealand (and hopefully the world) to provide much needed energetic support for families and communities, helping to bring into focus the understanding that we are all connected and part of the whole!

Once the Lighthouse is placed in a home environment, it starts working, expanding in and out (like a heart beat) with the set purpose of raising the home environment to the highest possible frequency of All-loving Light, uplifting and supporting all who live there, helping them move into a more “en-lightened” and loving state. 

Once the home had reached it fullest potential, it is programmed to continue cascade its All-loving Light out into the surrounding neighbourhood, thus creating a living “Lighthouse”.


Imagine what could be done if millions of homes throughout the world committed to being true "Houses of Light"... consciously connecting connecting together!

Like a ripple created by a single pebble thrown into a pond, slowly but surely, the energy of the surrounding areas or even whole countries could be uplifted into a more loving, caring, community atmosphere...

This Project is not something that I can do on my own! I need help to get Project Lighthouse up and running!

To date, Lighthouses© are predominantly located in Auckland but are sparsely scattered around the country (Whangarei, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Wanaka, Invercargill and Queenstown) with a few in both Australia and America.

If you would like to become part of this project, all it takes is to purchase a Lighthouse© bottle, place it anywhere in your home environment and the Lighthouse© will do the rest! Bottles can be purchased either through selected retail outlets or through the website www.heavenlyvibrations.co.nz/projects)

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