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Energetically Lighten up Your Home

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When the Lighthouse bottle is placed anywhere in a home, clinic, work environment, shop, school, hospital etc., it sends out the message that the environment is dedicated to being a living "house of light" as its energetic column of "All Loving Light" radiates out beams of pure, clear light, clearing, uplifting and expanding the energy of the home, helping purifying it into an expanded space of light and unconditional love.

The Lighthouse starts working in the immediate environment where it is place and, over time, as the environment reaches its fullest potential, the lighthouse energy will keep expanding out into the surrounding neighborhood, transforming and uplifting the environment and all those who reside there with its pure beacon of light.

As the Lighthouses are designed to connect with other Lighthouses, a conscious "Web of Light" is slowly being built throughout New Zealand as "houses of light" connects to other "houses of light" helping uplift the country, and the world, and all those who live in it.

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