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Elixirs of Light Testimonials

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Aid when Meditating

“I was referred to Suzanne by a good friend and have been seeing her for over a year and half now. The first bottle I worked with was given to me and was a Lighthouse bottle. My first experience was fascinating as I had never felt such strong, immediate energy – I found myself sinking down within my body almost immediately (without having been told what it did). I was being grounded.
I use this bottle to aid me in meditation, with Reiki which I find helps me channel easier, with crystals I work with. I personally believe I receive an amplified connection with a crystal while I’m working with the lighthouse bottle.
On an emotional level, I have shifted more bad habits, since using the bottle, which were affecting my life on every level leaving me drained with a feeling of hopelessness over the last year and a half than I have working with self help books and counselling.
Working with Suzanne on one-on-one sessions and attending her group work has helped me tremendously shift into a new realm.
I truly believe Suzanne has created healing in a bottle which can be accessed anywhere at anytime which is a wonderful gift.”                                                                             M.K.

Children naturally drawn to Bottles

God in a bottle” was the way Lucy Reade, Life Coach of Titirangi described her Elixir of Light bottles. She went on to say that children have an innate understanding of vibrations and are naturally drawn to the bottles as they hold a similar “vibration of life” that a crystal holds. When her young son woke at night disturbed and came into her bedroom, he instinctively grabbed for the bottle from the bedside table to hold, then happily went back to bed and usually never surfaced again that night.

Benefits of Bottles

Before using "Pure Stillness", I had a hard time settling down to meditate. The bottle calmed my mind enough to sit and focus. Now I have moved on to the other bottles.
Liberty has helped me feel more confident in who I am and the work I do. It also helps when I have a hard time making decisions because it clears away any fear that may be holding me back.
T.B. (Massage Therapist) Howick

Uplifting and Beneficial

Having used the Heavenly Vibrations' Elixirs of Light, overall I have found them to be uplifting and beneficial. The time frames to see a result is quick, making them idea for use frequently when needed with repeated use continuing to provide ongoing support.  This is particularly true of Caregiver, Harmony and Balance, Pure Stillness and Life-Force Energizer.
I found the Caregiver a real boost the last few weeks as we have an older parent in the hospital and one at home.  Liberty has been valuable in allowing me to move forward with changes that were difficult to make.
J.T. Orewa   

Feel more connection to Baby

My daughter J. was in her final stages of pregnancy and felt unsettled and unsure so I passed her “Ana” Elixir of Light and, as she held it, it helped her to feel more connected to the baby and more settled.
A.B.(Reiki Healer) Manurewa

Practitioner's Testimonial

Working with the Heavenly Vibrations Elixirs of Light over the last 9 months, as a practitioner, I have been blown away by the transformations in people's lives. They make a wonderful adjunct to any modality, can transform the way you practice and make your working life much easier.The Practitioner training provided a wonderful opportunity to experience all the Elixirs and realise their full power and potential.
J.H. Auckland

Exceptionally powerful healing and personal healing tool

I have worked with the Elixirs of Light on and off for over two years now and having recently purchased a full set,  I have been choosing an Elixir of Light daily and holding it twice a day and find that the energy goes deeper and deeper. Occasionally, I find the bottles will go very cold when holding them and have the understanding that it is impacting on a deep cellular level.
I often find that I get insights into an issue and the energy has enabled me to release deep seated patterns.They have an incredibly wide energy and ability to clear away dross, creating absolute clarity.
I feel that the Elixirs of Light have assisted in creating alignment with where I want to go and who I want to be, enabling me to be fully present, earthed and grounded and work through layer after layer quite quickly

It is very difficult to express fully their worth as the experiences I have with them are always different and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending them to anyone wishing to work energetically as I feel that they are exceptionally powerful healing and personal healing tool.  
L.G (Intuitive Healer), Christchurch 2009 

Wonderful Body Spray

Your wonderful body spray is just an added bonus assisting me through and is helping to keep me focused and grounded.  I use it before walking out the door in the morning and last thing at night before going to bed. I can't wait to get home (from my holiday) and use my Elixirs again - I am really missing them.
Margaret C

Feeling energized and Grounded

When I first held "Ana", I was amazed at how my hands really tingled and throbbed and I was left feeling very energized and grounded and I felt that, with it, I came a long way in just one night."
Margaret (Secretary) Tauranga

Drastic Transformation after Workshop

The first time I sat down to use the Elixirs of Light was at the Heavenly Vibrations work shop. I did not know what to expect but at the end of the workshop weekend I felt amazing and noticed a drastic transformation in my life. To go as far as saying in one weekend I found who I am, I found myself and it felt like I had known all along.

Key to Riding the Shifts in Consciousness

I have experienced many energetic modalities since the start of my spiritual journey from 1992. Through the mired of encounter with a variety of systems, I have found the Heavenly Vibration range of Elixirs to be both potent and subtle, working with high quality frequencies that interact with the either's of the subtle bodies, to reveal inner truth that have been clouded by life experiences, that have inhibit my essential self. In combination with techniques Suzanne has developed for peeling away the dross's this is a very effective system.

Suzanne's Elixirs have had many benefits including providing clarity, increased insight and a greater awareness in the shifting time that we presently are in. The demands that I come into contact with in both my personal and professional life, are assisted greatly from these Elixirs and their ability to allow me to gain objectiveness when other issues are clouding a situation.

I feel that the Elixirs are a key to riding the shifts in consciousness and help in understand the present paradigms of transformation that the planet is experiencing at present.
I recommend that if you are searching for a top quality product, that is imbued with love and pure essence, then do try this potent range of Heavenly Vibration Elixirs.

Adam Gain 2008
Bachelor of Nursing, Post Graduate Certificate Health Science. University of Auckland

Practitioner's Testimonial

"I started using Elixirs of Light in about Dec 07 when I attended Suzanne's Workshop Module 1.

I run a healing clinic and have been using them for nearly every client before they receive treatment. Every time they pick one (I only have the 6 so far) they comment how very appropriate it is. I find it can calm people down as they are talking to you about their issues, and it reveals to both of us the underlying issue(s) quite often. I have noticed a difference in the healing, and that the depth of ‘receiving' from the client is greater. 

I have also used these Elixirs in my regular meditation class. I would get each person to select one and hold onto it at the beginning stages when I was talking them through a ‘healing' section of meditation. One time I got them to include the bottle in the meditation - visualising it entering their column of light (power source) to see what would happen. They had extraordinary meditations - it was amazing they said - extremely powerful for them. Another time I had them place the bottle at their feet and then visualise the light coming from the bottle into their centre again - with great results.

I use them a lot in my own meditations or just for self-healing and a need to re-centre or discover something that I need to work on or release.  I also use the Body Spray & Room Spray in my clinic. I have used it also in the Health shop clinic where I work twice a month, and in the shop - this seems to have shifted the energy somewhat both for the area, and the Manager of the shop - she loves the body spray one and can feel a difference straight away. I have definitely noticed a difference with the body spray - it makes it so much easier to dis-engage from the client's aura and any transference.

I have no hesitation in recommending these Elixirs to any practitioner or person who wishes to enhance their business or own energy systems.

Thank you Suzanne for trusting in spirit to continue to promote these products."

Ngaire Pook, Healing Practitioner, Papatoetoe (2008)

Testimonial about Elixirs Workshop

Hi Suzanne,
I have to say how much I enjoyed your course; it was a mind-blowing experience, to feel so much going on in the body by just holding a bottle, it was really fantastic.
Thanks again for a great weekend.
Anne H. 2008

Highly recommend for both practitioners and family

We must hold on to our inner truth the Elixirs of Light emit and hold a steady Vibration; each individual being choosing which bottle they need at that particular moment.I highly recommend them for both practitioners and for family use.

Poem she wrote for Ana:
I am the wind
I am the earth
I am all, the universe
Heal the earth plane
Heal your hearts
Be all that you can be
I am there for you
Love and Light
Carol B.

Maintaining the health of the Etheric Body

It is our spiritual aspect that gives us access to psychic awareness and constructive intuition and that also increases our awareness of subtle influences from nonphysical sources.
I have found the Elixirs of Light an innovative and Spiritual means of maintaining the health of the Etheric Body. Usually after a healing some unwanted energy ‘patterns' tend to return days or weeks afterwards.
The Elixirs therefore are a quick and efficient method of "self maintenance" helping to balance the energy-fields of the Etheric.
S.B. (Metaphysical Practitioner) 

Excellent Workshop

I had an excellent weekend workshop which helped to anchor me and expand my awareness. The Elixirs of light worked quickly and effectively and communicated easily to my system. Suzanne taught effectively whist listening and responding to the needs of her students. On finishing the weekend I felt grounded, energized, fresh and whole again. 
K.H. Auckland

Wonders of your Elixir bottles

I regularly enjoy the wonders of your Elixir bottles, but I was truly astounded after using the Right/Left Integration Elixir.  I immediately felt the bottle working on alternate points on my body.  I generally only use the Elixirs for 5-10 minutes at a time, but during my first 5-6 sessions on consecutive days, I found that I was holding the bottle for up to an hour or so.  In fact, I found that I had to use the bottle at night, as it often put me into a sleep, which was due to the power of this wonderful Elixir.  I was also amazed that while using the bottle, my legs often went into spasms as the bottle worked its magic.  It was a truly powerful and uplifting experience that I find hard to put into words.  Thank you so much :-)
Dania H. 2008 

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