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Does Your Business need an Energetic Clearing

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A business, like a physical home, develops an energetic structure which, over time, will reflect the "events and situations" that have been and are now being experienced within the business.

There are two situations which come into play. One is the “physical premises” where the business if located and the other is the “energy structure, that is, the energy “entity” that is created by the way the business conducts itself, by the personnel that make up the business and by the situations that it is and has experienced.  

A business structure can be strong and expanded, drawing to the business health and financial prosperity but, alternatively, if there has been strife, trauma, in-house fighting between partners, financial loss, etc. this can reflect in the energetic fabric of the business giving off an aura (that is walked through and sat in daily) of negative or disharmonic energy!

As well as the financial impact that this can have, it can also be detrimental to the emotional health and wellbeing of the people who work within the business which may affect the long-term well-being of the business. 

In the same way that we physically clear out "dirt and dust" from our buildings to ensure that our "physical health" is kept healthy and clean, the energetic structure of both the business “entity” and the businesses’ premises may benefit from having regular energy clearing or cleansing to help assist the business to reach its maximum potential and help keep those who are involved with the business to be on top of their game.

One good test is to stand outside your business premises and think of something that uplifts you and makes you feel wonderfully happy. Then walk into the premises and feel the impact. Does the room make you smile? Do you feel pleased to be there? Or did you instantly feel down after walking on in? Do you feel like you are carrying a weight on your back? Then walk slowly around the business premises, into each room and test out each room and gauge for yourself how it feels!

The rooms that people gravitate to are usually happy areas; the areas that people avoid are usually the ones that need cleansing the most and it is quite common to find one room (or even an area of a room) which has an energetic distortion making it uncomfortable to be in.

In really densely populated office environments or in situations where emotions run high, using an energetic Room Spray designed for the purpose (like the Elixir of Light Room Spray) can be used throughout the day to help keep the energy clear and uplifted.

In the event that the business needs an energy clearing, this is a simple process carried out in a similar way to a distant healing. All that is required is to email us at sales@heavenlyvibrations.co.nz giving contact details and we will get back to you with all relevant details.

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