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Aura Photographs

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Aura Photography
showing the effects of the
Elixirs of Light


Many years ago, visiting a Mind Body Spirit show, I couldn't resist having an aura camera photo taken to enable me to physically see the state of my aura at that time.  It was one thing to intuitively "see" or "intuit" how it looked but quite special to have it photographed. I was, of course, aware that many different things could influence the outcome and have, over the years, been shown many aura photos and even before-and-after photos taken by people as they experimented holding different crystals or focused on different thoughts.

Despite that, photographing the different bottles was not something I initially thought of but, over time, I started to warm to the idea. As a healer, I could "see" the changes to  my client's energy field with my internal vision (and feel it through my body) as my clients held the bottles but I wished to have a way to prove to them that each bottle was different as it carried a different energy structure and somehow show them the physical difference. How could I convince someone, who could not "see" or "feel", that an energetic change was happening when, to them, all it appeared they were doing was just "holding a bottle of water". Aura photography was the obvious answer, as you can see below.

golden aura  Lifeforce Aura  Lighthouse aura  Liberety aura  Joy Aura
Aura Photos of the Elixirs of Light showing a marked difference in structure and energy of individual bottles

Photographing the bottles proved difficult until I finally located an aura camera with a different format that did not require the bottles to be held. The bottles were all placed in the same position and photographed one after the after and all quite clearly showed a marked difference in structure and energy. The photographer was personally amazed at the clarity of colour and difference exhibited by each individual bottle and I was very rapt to finally have something to show to those individuals who do not have, at this stage of their life, the ability to intuitively feel or see the incredible energetic impact that occurs when an Elixir of Light bottle is held. 

Although at this time, there is still a lot of dissention about whether Aura Cameras are really capturing the "electro-magnetic field of the body" (aura), I had seen enough photos over the years to convince me to have some before-and-after aura photos taken.The subject (below) had, for some time, been regularly using his set of bottles and, after intuitively choosing the bottle he was drawn to, he sat and held the bottle for approximately seven minutes and then waited for another five minutes before having his photo taken.

Aura photo Before    Client after 

You will see from the photos that, without a doubt, there was a huge energetic change in the energy field even after the relatively short time that the bottles were held. It was noted by the photographer that the subject's energy had sustained a marked change by moving into the "higher energy colours" bringing in more blue, indigo and violet into his field.

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