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Are Re-occurring Ill-health or Emotional Issues getting you down?

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As an energy therapist and metaphysical teacher, I had been frustrated and puzzled as to why my clients would keep re-experiencing health issues that had been healed and raised this question at a talk given by a spiritual teacher named Anne Francis.

Her response provided great insight into something that was little known and has proved a great help to both me and hundreds of people over the years.


She responded that our memory of events, (trauma, pain, ill-health) etc. is recorded by the body (energetically our body records all experiences, good and bad) and, over time, that record loops around in a continual looping process.  As it completes each loop, our body (and mind) re-experiences the situation (the memory of the trauma, physical pain or ill-heath) as if it were a physical reality.


She suggested that the best way to deal with this was to take our focus away from the health situation we were experiencing allowing the memory to continue on its journey.  Without our energy to feed upon, the loop would continue on its path until the memory eventually dissolved and looped its way out of existence. Obviously, if you take your mind off it and the situation persists, it needs to be dealt with again.


The reality of this was borne out for me in my early years when I was experiencing ill-health. I had what is now known as chronic fatigue (little known then) and put years of focus and energy into restoring my health and wellbeing. At that time, all I drew into my life were people sick or emotionally down until the reality hit... by focusing so fully on my illness, I was helping to strengthen it and keep it in place.

This realization enabled me to come into a place when I gave it the due respect that it deserved but put the bulk of my energy in lifting my emotional and mental states (by having more fun, watching funny movies and reading uplifting books, doing things that I loved) and bringing in more balance into my life.  Needless to say, my health improved dramatically within a relatively short period of time.


Another sceenario relates to storytelling. Scientific research has revealed that our minds do not know the difference between what is imagined and what is real.  Tests performed on athletes, attached to medical monitors show that they have the same neurological responses while running a race as they have when mentally recreating in their minds the race, step by step, later. As we all love story telling, imagine a situation of recapping to a friend about a health issue you had experienced. The body mind thinks you are having a real life health crisis and lo and behold, you end up sick, again! “Oh no", you say "Why is this happening again?”.


This information has been passed across to many people over the years (including my own family) and one day, while driving, I remarked to my daughter that I had a head-ache coming on. She immediately responded for me to take my mind off it... that was what I’d always told her to do and as it had always worked, why wasn’t I following my own teaching? It caught me by surprise and I realised that we all need gentle reminders, from time to time and, yes, once I took my mind off it, the head-ache went away.

Obviously, if pain or the symptoms persists, at all times, seek the appropriate medical help.


 This is one of a series of Self-Help Articles written by Suzanne Evans,

Metaphysical Teacher and Healer and Intuitive Life Coach (copyright).



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