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Elixirs of Light Sets

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All Elixirs of Light have one prime purpose… that is to bring to the surface and clear all old energetic structure of patterns, beliefs, reactions, negativity, judgments, actions and other discord contained within our energetic records that no longer serves our highest needs at this time. This allows us to embrace the move toward fully integrating our role as a Divine being of Love, living a full and enriched life, doing what we enjoy and love… in other words, living life to the Max! 

Note:  Elixirs of Light, for convenience are set out in Sets but can be purchased individually to suit your own/family's need or in Sets, as required.  It is recommended that you start from Set I (Golden is an ideal first bottle choice) and then go on from there.

Elixirs of Light
Set I


Ana comes into our lives to remind us that we did not come here to just Work and that Life is for living and enjoying!

Allow Ana’s nurturing, loving energy to clear blocks preventing you from being the joyful expression of your own uniqueness. It serves to remind you that your journey is about surrendering to the joyful expression of your unique creativity, allowing your life to flow with grace and ease, “playing” rather than “working” at life.

As this formula is designed to assist you to connect more deeply into your own creativity, it is a great bottle for artists, writers or others in the creative field.

It also encourages you to remember the interconnectedness of all things, embracing and enjoying the wonders of nature and the Earth in all her mighty splendor.

Caregivers is a great bottle for all caregivers - mothers, teachers, nurses, social workers and health workers.When this bottle is selected, it indicates that your caregiving is out of balance and that if you don't start giving to yourself, your health and wellbeing may be impacted upon.

Many caregivers have a mandate to keep on giving to others even when it is evident that it detrimental to their own health and wellbeing! 

When Caregivers is selected, it shows that the ratio of giving and receiving is out of balance! This important formula is designed to help to restore the balance between giving and receiving… a necessary formula for anyone who has a mandate to assist and help and is wonderfully beneficial for all care-givers… mothers, health workers, in fact anyone in service.

Caregivers (when used in conjunction with Golden and Life Force Energizer) also helps repair and re-build your energetic structure when you have or are suffering from exhaustion or burn-out.


When you choose this bottle, it indicates that you have a tendency to be "out-of-body", unearthed or ungrounded and not present where you are at. This is a situation that we all experience from time to time but with some people, there can be a tendency to stay out of body for long periods which, if left unaddressed, can start to impact on your physical health and wellbeing. 

This bottle is exceptional useful if you are inclined to perpetually day-dream, loose focus or are easily distracted from the task in hand…  your energy field can be likened to a 12 cylinder battery and your physical body to the car that it runs. When you are day-dreaming or focusing away from the task at hand, it draws you out of body which means that the car (your body) is now running on only half its battery power which ultimately can run down (drain) both your physical and emotional health. 

Use this bottle when required to assist you to earth and ground your presence into your physical body. 

Great for children when they come home from school or are unfocused or lacking attention.


If you have been drawn to this bottle, it shows that you have a tendency to doubt in either yourself or others or in life in general! This can be an established pattern or even one that has been handed down through your genetic line.

This formula is wonderful for strengthening your ability to handle changes on all levels; when setting up a new business or going into a new job; when challenged by others; for child raising, in fact for all circumstances requiring faith in yourself and/or the circumstances that are being presented in your life at this time.

With its pure, clear golden light, Golden is recommended to be the first bottle to use as it opens the door to us healing on all levels.Its all-purpose formula provides healing, alignment, balance and support dissolving, through the layers, anything preventing you from being happy, healthy and whole. 

On a physical level, the raised vibration serves as a spring-cleaner of all organs, systems and structures. A good all round formula for all emotional situation or health and wellbeing issues.Golden is recommended to be the first bottle to use as it opens the door to us healing on all levels and works in conjunction with all other bottles.

Harmony and Balance: 
Harmony and balance are vital for health and wellbeing.  This bottle encourages you to look at creating balance through your day-to-day activities, through giving and receiving, working and playing, through the intake of food; in fact in all levels of your life. 

It is also serves as a gentle reminder to recognize that what you focus on comes into your life! With so much “negative influence” prevailing today, it is important to realize that all events or situations are just experiences in life and that the important factor is to focus on what you wish for your life rather than give energy to what you do not want in your life! 

Useful to use after a pro-longed or difficult “healing” session as it serves to integrate into the physical reality, the energetic shifts and changes that have taken place through the healing session.

This beautiful formula helps lift up and expand you, encouraging you to look at life and see the positive of all events (the cup half full rather than half empty) Its role is to gently move you towards a place of peace and contentment, feeling and honouring the love of who you are, encouraging you to move into a more joyful, enthusiastic and fun-filled existence.

Joy is a mandate for anyone who has suffered from extensive trauma or loss, grief, depression or long-term health or mental health situations. When feeling down and out – reach for the bottle and focusing into its energy, keep breathing out until all trauma that is being felt has been let go of!

Helps clear out the fragments of fear crystallized through the grid lines of the energy field, or locked into systems or structures through past or present day trauma.  It encourages you to find the courage and inner strength to break free of anything or anyone that restricts or binds you! 

Wonderful formula for any one experiencing a controlled, battered or abused existence as it clears out the need for the abuse “pattern” and helps restore and strengthening the state of self-love and self-worth.

(“Liberty has helped me feel more confident in who I am and the work I do. It also helps when I have a hard time making decisions because it clears away any fear that may be holding me back.”)

Life-force Energizer

This formula was created to assist people to strengthen, anchor and ground their physical vitality and life-force to assist them to find the energy to handle the fast pace of life and the stress that many people experience here today. 

It also assists with strengthening and merging the energetic bodies, clearing all blockages allowing the integration and grounding of their innate wisdom and knowledge into their physical existence to help them with their journey at this time.

Pure Stillness: 
If you one of those people that find it hard unable to meditate (or switch off) due to excessive head-chatter or just lack of time, then Pure Stillness is the bottle for you!

Pure Stillness has been designed as a energetic “relaxation” or “meditation” aid to assist both the mind and body to come into a more peaceful state of stillness.

When held close to the body, it provides a “point of focus” enabling them to “connect within” to achieve, in a short time, the relaxation and benefit obtained during a full meditation!As it focuses and takes you deeper "within", It has the additional benefit of serving as a anchoring and grounding aid.

(“Before using “Pure Stillness”, I had a hard time settling down to meditate. The bottle calmed my mind enough to sit and focus”).

Soul Retrieval:
Designed to transmit your soul’s etheric blue-print signature to draw back and integrate into your energy field, all soul fragments, in a harmonious way. This formula is also beneficial to integrate into today’s existence, wisdom and knowledge gained through previous incarnations.

Assist you to “unveil”, unravel, release, let go of or surrender to being the full creative potential that you are and move into a state of more conscious awareness and loving acceptance of the person that you are. 

Elixirs of Light Set II

I Am:

This Elixir of Light aligns us to our essential self, our “I Am” presence. As you sit quietly holding this Elixir, imagine it merging into your central core and allow its energy to help expand and strengthen your connection into the true beauty and totality of who you really are - your I Am presence! 

Energetically, we are moving from a carbon base into a crystalline form and Crystal helps with the integration and grounding of the new divine blueprint of the new crystalline structure that we are all moving into. 

It also assists with integrating the formation of our new expanded chakra system which is coming into form.

Came into form connecting us into the understanding of all beings, working in total harmony for the highest good of all! Reminding us that it is time to awaken and remember the love that we are encouraging us to come together and work co-operatively with a community spirit, recognizing that we each contain a harmonic note and that when all notes are played together, the melody produced will transform and enlighten us all!

Prosperity and Abundance:

Assists you to focus on neutralizing, dissolving and letting go of anything contained within that is stopping you from attracting to you prosperity and abundance on all levels of your life.

It assists to bring you into a higher understanding that prosperity and abundance not only relates to"money" but to all aspects of your life - relationships, health, wellbeing etc and comes into our lives in many different forms and encouraging you to focus with gratitude on what you have rather than what you have not (the cup half full not half empty).

It is also there to assist you to recognize the power of your own creation (taking responsibility that if you have “lack” in your life, you and only you are responsible for it),and recognize your divine entitlement to be worthy of the very best that life has to offer!

With its expanded spectrum of light, it is a wonderful formula to sit with for a general healing session as its role is to balance and align first your chakras system and then expand out and strengthen and align your whole energy field. 

Right/Left Integration:
This bottle is designed to help integrate and bring into balance the opposing realms, i.e. right and left, the yin yang, male and female etc. It also assists with the integration of right/left brain function helping creating a more holistic brain function.

Serenity is a tool for this age – the age of constant head-chatter – lives filled to the brim with things to remember and do! Its role is to help clear all fragments of scattered energy, which help cause a disjointed, chattering mind, then to unify the energy field to help bring us into a more peaceful and tranquil space. 

11:11:11 Transition Set

Embodies the profound all-loving light frequency that was anchored and integrated on the Earth plane following the 11th November 2011 finalising the Earth’s move into the 5th dimensional realm of existence. This Elixir is designed to assist us to recognise and embrace this new reality, guiding us to recognise that this all empowering energy is Love, all loving Light! 11:11:11 is here to help us recognise the magnificent creators that we are and help us take responsibility for what we are creating through our thoughts, feeling and actions assisting us to move into a state of “positive” focus and belief in ourselves and our ability to create the life we have always desired.

Over eons, we have journeyed experiencing all and, at this time of change when we are all being gently herded towards remembering and living our divinity, Forgiveness assists us to forgive ourselves… for our transgressions, for the deeds that no longer sit in harmony with ourselves, for self-judgement of being “not good enough”, “not doing enough”, “not being enough”, for our flashes of anger, frustration or lack, for the times when we put others before self!  Forgiveness assists us to be gentle on ourselves and others and move into a place of gratitude (rather than judgement) recognising that each person (our selves included) does the best that they are able to with the tools and wisdom that they are at that time.

A flickering flame at the top of a candle; a light at the end of a tunnel designed to symbolize to us that no matter how full of despair we feel, how difficult a situation we are in, there is always a Presence guiding us on our journey through life! Hope Elixir of Light is here to assist us through the turbulence of these changing times, assisting us to recognise the necessity of the changes taking place and encouraging us to swim with the flow rather than fighting the current of change.

Assisting you to clear and move towards coming into the space of unconditional love for self and others; putting self first in the knowing that as you do you, you encourage all around you to also put their own needs first; recognition of Oneness of All and bringing in the understanding that Love is who we are and all there is!

Assisting us to adjust to the shifts and changes in the pattern of the Earth as She goes through her own shifts and changes… Earth Elixir of Light is about transition, about change, about duality and it is my understanding that this Elixir is here to provide understanding into a state of being that has not been understood before.  
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