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Benefits of Gratitude in your Life

In a chat with a group, it became more than obvious that many people today have lost sight of the benefits associated with gratitude or have forgotten the importance of giving "thanks" or having "gratitude" for what they have (or receive) in their life. As a result, I feel it is worthwhile to reprint my blog article below.

"I had a "bad hair day" last week; everything seemed hard and difficult and finally, I had enough and thought no more!!!! And went back to what I know settles, expands and lift me beyond the day-to day-experience… yeah, you guessed it gratitude; I started focusing again on having gratitude for the people in my life; for my home, my wonderful car which gives me freedom to travel and explore, for difficulties that challenge me to move beyond the space that I am, gratitude for the changing weather, for the birds feeding in my garden
            …..and then ah what a change of energy as the life-force starts flowing again, filling me up with its loving embrace, allowing me to cope with what life was drawing to me.
So give it a try... what have you got to lose and watch your whole life change!
The technique is easy:
Rather than sitting at the traffic lights getting frustrated or getting annoyed or angry with what is going wrong, what you haven’t got or what hasn’t been achieved, start looking out for the things to be grateful for:
  • Waking up in the morning (better than being “dead”)
  • Being able to get out of bed (so many people can’t)
  • An early morning cuppa (many people would die for one)
  • Breakfast (ditto)
  • What you have got (rather than what you do not have)
  • What you have achieved (giving yourself a pat on the back)
  • Quiet and solitude/a great song on the radio
  • A courteous driver or helpful check-out operator
  • A kind or thoughtful word (and give one back)
  • A beautiful flower, garden or trees or birds singing
  • Rainy weather  (great for the garden, for farmers or for puddles for the kids to splash in)
  • Laughing children
  • A car parking space (rather than the time it took to find one)
No matter what is happening in your life, there is always something to be grateful for!
As you open your eyes and hearts to the wonders and joy of life around you, miracles can happen… you will start to experience life as seen through the eyes of a child and slowly and gradually, as your perception of life changes, as gratitude comes in for what you have got rather than what you haven’t, you will grow stronger, more energized and joyful and more able to cope and en-joy the day!"
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