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 Candida (yeast over-growth):

Candida Albicans (yeast over-growth) is currently one of the most consistent problems that my clients, both male and female, are facing today and yet not a lot of people have full awareness of what it is or the impact that it is having on their lives!

My own history with Candida started in my early 20’s while travelling through Europe. I ended up with a bad attack of ‘flue’ and, at that time, the medical approach was to give antibiotics which triggered off the scourge of womanhood…vaginal thrush! A ruptured appendix ended up providing yet more antibiotics which started my health into a steady downward spiral!

Back home, my health started deteriorating with constant “colds, ‘flues, respiratory infections, emotional lows, chronic tiredness and joint pains. Following years of exploration, an article on Candida finally enabled me to piece the pieces together.  Many years ago, when taking the “medical” route, I had completely missed one of the most vital clues that I had been given… following traditional skin tests for Candida, in thirty second or less, I emotionally hit rock bottom, literally felt suicidal and my body came into a space of massive discomfort and pain.
At that time, I was so tired and worn out that I never explored what it meant or what impact it was having on me!
Over the years, I have gradually built up a picture and come to an understanding of this much unknown health problem and, in a simplified “non-medical way”, explain it as follows.
Our digestive system contains “gut flora”, which is a multitude of different types of what is considered both “good” and “bad” bacteria, including Candida (which is a type of yeast) to break down and process our food and these all live in relatively harmony with each other.
Today, research has shown that many aspects of our current lifestyle end up affecting the natural balance of the gut flora including antibiotics, birth control pills, poor diet high in fat and sugar, excessive alcohol, stress and other factors.  Some people appear to be more vulnerable than others and, when this happens, the Candida yeast grabs the opportunity of growing and expanding now that the good bacteria is not around to keep it in balance.
The most common areas that exhibit symptoms are the vagina and mouth and takes on the appearance of white, lumpy spots which cause a lot of discomfort with anti-fungal medication being used extensively to bring it under control.

Colony of Candida Albicans 
In most cases this would not cause any major health problems but, in cases like mine, where there was no awareness of what "Candida" is and the need to restore the "gut flora",  I started to have excess cravings of foods that feed yeast… sugar, cakes, biscuits, yeast spreads like Marmite and Vegemite, fruit juices, alcohol and bread (which of course, both contains yeast).  
The more I ate, the more the yeast grew until, over time, I ended up with what is now known as systemic Candida (that means the yeast is growing right throughout the body’s cavities even including ears and the brain). My white cell count was low and my immunity exceptionally vulnerable and the hardest part to deal with was the chronic depression and emotional impact it had on my ability to enjoy and embrace life!
Once it hit this stage, it became difficult to treat and I spent many, many years getting it under control. Today, it is a joy that I can claim to be “Candida” free but it was a battle from beginning to end.
My history of it and the impact on my life serves me well! Today, in clinic, I keep coming into contact with people with classic systems of Candida without any awareness of its affect on their life and the lives of their families. 
Classical symptoms include problems with digestion, stomach bloating, bowel gas, joint aches and pains, headaches, excessive tiredness or exhaustion, itchy ears, fungal growth, jock itch and the worse symptoms I believe of all, are the nervous anxiety and chronic depression and mental despair! 
Of course, these symptoms can relate to many different health problems but, some of the pointers that indicate that you could have a problem are:
  • Craving sugar or sugary foods, cakes, biscuits, etc.
  • Drinking excess or craving alcohol
  • Craving or eating excessive quantities of bread
  • Mood swings or reaction to foods
Years ago, I was shown a film of a live blood cell analysis which showed the Candida yeast physically travelling through the blood stream and moving into the white cells and eating them! This shocked me but explained why my white cell count was so low (a factor, of course, affecting my general immunity).
It is my personal belief (not backed up by any medical evidence, I might add) that many alcoholics and “mental patients” will have Candida in their system fuelling them on! 
Nothing is ever completely black or white but often a shade in the middle. My health was originally impacted on by many things including antibiotics and my ruptured appendix did not help but lack of education and understanding took it a stage further! Not all people are affected by Candida like I and many others have been. But, in session, as people discuss their lives and their problems, I have continued to educate them to the possibility that it may be worthy of investigation as, to me Candida is still very much a silent disease!
Often it is not recognised or seen by the outside world as it resides within but its impact can be soul destroying and very deadly to our physical health and wellbeing.
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