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Schedule of Talks

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Talk on Candida and Yeast Overgrowth
and the impact it may be having on your life today
Symptoms:  Stomach Bloating, Poor Digestion, Joint Pains,
Depression, Mood Swings, Weight gain, IBS and more
This informal talk is based on my own experienced with Systemic Candida and Vaginal Thrush. After years of suffering, my body and I are now finally free of this and this informal talk will present to you insights that I have gained over 30 years as both a sufferer and a healer working to help people to overcome what is often an undiagnosed illness that can be causing adverse affects on their mental, emotional and physical health.
When:              Saturday 2nd February
Time:               11.00 am
Cost:               $10.00  
Where:            The Healing Shop, 54 Fred Taylor Drive, Westgate
                       Directions: go past KFC and go right around the roundabout towards Kumeu.
                       At the end of the roundabout, go past their billboard and turn sharp left into the driveway.
                       Follow the driveway around, past the stables to the Healing Shop.

For more information, you can contact me on 09 576 4540 or The Healing Shop on 09 833 3147 

Alternatively, if you would like me to attend to talk on topical subjects (Benefits of Energy Healing/House Clearing, etc.), please contact so that we can arrange the same.

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