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Schumann Resonance increases causing Emotional Upheaval

Increases in the Schumann Resonance of the Earth 
causing Emotional and Mental Upheaval

Since 1954, the Earth’s resonance (what I term “energy frequency”), known as Schumann Resonance (defined by Wikipedia as “global electromagnetic resonances excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere) has been set at a steady 7.83 Hz which was in harmony with our own natural energy. Recently scientists have recorded that in the last few years, there has been a huge increase in activity, with the Schumann Resonance spiking in 2014 to 7.83 Hz and recently hitting 16.5 Hz and often spiking beyond that figure!

The impact of these changes can be likened to a modern car being pumped full of rocket fuel and being forced to accelerate faster than what it has been made for and being shaken to bits! 

In lay-mans’ terms, for us to live comfortably on the Earth, it is obvious that the Schumann Resonance has to be in harmony with our own natural energy system and over time, we have been going through gradual changes to increase our own frequency to enable us to handle any changes to the Earth’s resonance.

With these increases, many practitioners are now seeing an acceleration in out-of-the-ordinary physical, emotional or mental problems caused by the “rocket fuel” effect as these increases impact…ranging from general tiredness (both mentally and physically), dizziness, feeling ungrounded or unable to ground, lacking focus, sleep problems, nightmares or nightmarish thoughts, through to mild or deep depression, fear, anxiety, irrational behaviour, paranoia. In my case, I even went through a day when I felt “discombobulated” when I felt that I had been taken apart and could not put myself back together again! Although this feeling for me only lasted a short time, it impacted to make me realise that many people just aren’t prepared enough to cope with the recent increases in resonance or have the necessary information or skills to understand and cope what is happening to them.

As an energy practitioner, tuning into the energy as I work with clients, I am aware that the energy is undulating and riding the crest and waves can be quite exhausting. Its patterns are designed to bring to the surface “stuff” that is no longer necessary for us so that it can be released and let go of. Often this can be deep reactions, patterns and beliefs back in time or lodged deep without our consciousness without us having any awareness of it at all. In the midst of this, the challenge is for us to recognise that it is just old “stuff”, energy blocks, patterns, beliefs, memories that we no longer need.

If you (or family members or friends) are finding difficulty with managing (as many are) having an energy session to help re-attune your body to the new frequencies can provide much-needed help to clear and release the overload and help you ground your energy to assist you to stay present and be able to focus clearly again (which is an important part of the coping mechanism).

When dealing with it at home, I am advising my clients to remember all that they have been taught… to stay expanded and grounded, relaxing as much as possible, breathe (especially focusing on the out breathe imagining what you are experiencing just being blown away) and focus your energy on doing things that you enjoy rather than “worrying” about what you are experiencing.

An easy analogy is to focus on seeing your reaction or experience as literally a “will-of-wisp” energy recreating a reaction that needs to be released and just allow to gently move through you and away.

Sleep is so essential at this time and if tired, choose to stop for a while and just rest. And, be aware that this experience can be challenging to you on oh so many levels and choose to step out of judgement and to be kind to yourself. Also, it is important to keep an eye on others around you and to offer help as needed.

And, most of all be aware of your thoughts because the increase in resonance is causing everything to speed up including your ability to manifest. Your thoughts will now be much more powerful at manifesting… negative thoughts, worry, anxiety, focusing on the lack (the cup always half empty) will draw in more of the same so endeavour to focus on the bright spots of the day, tell the happy stories, give thanks for what you have (rather than worrying about what you do not have) and enjoy the ride!

My understanding is that we will go through this “undulation” for a short time and then it will settle but spiking into the future is expected. The joy of it all is that the shift in the vibration is enabling us all to shift into a better more powerful place where love resides.

Finally, my purpose at this time was to supply basic (keep it simple) information into the effects that this change in frequency is having on us all. For further information, please feel free to get in contact with me about your own specific situation of for appointments, if not coping, or for further information, on the web at this time, there are dozens of articles giving finite details on the Schumann Resonance and the changes.

One article I particularly liked is http://www.trinfinity8.com/why-is-earths-schumann-resonance-accelerating/

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