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Managing Life's Emotional Rollercoaster

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First Published SelfGrowth October 2012
Have you experienced a time when you have been weighed down
by life’s experiences or challenges?
How well do you cope when this happens to you?
...an effective way of managing life’s challenges is
through the use of specific Energy Techniques

"Energy Sifting" is a great starting point, as follows:
Imagine you come home tired, bone-weary, growl at the kids, want nothing more than to reach for a drink and plonk yourself down on the couch and watch TV. Man, you ask yourself, I know it was a pretty hard day but why do I feel so tired?!?!? The solution may be easier than what you think.
Energy… that word means many different things to many different people. To most, it means that unseen power that flows through cables that gives life to our appliances and lights up our environments. To me it has a much more important meaning… it refers to the natural energy supply, the electric magnetic energy field that runs through you and surrounds you. It is invisible, unseen to most people but it is the power supply that fuels you and your body. 
Like our fingerprints, every person’s energy field is unique to themselves and when you learn to recognise and know your own field, you will then know when it has been compromised. Energy scanning is one way of getting to personally know and recognise your own field and is immeasurable in helping you maintain your strength and vitality!
Fifty years ago, it would sound a little like science fictions but today science has now come aboard through quantum physics and is recognising what healers have known for centuries… with nano technology and other advanced technology means, they have been able to explore beyond our cellular structure and found nothing else but energy, light, electricity, call it what you may, scientifically proving that we are energetic at our core!

So,obviously it stands to reason that learning to work with your personal energy has to be beneficial not only to you and your children but to humanity as a whole.
Each person’s energy field pattern is unique to themselves! Running through the centre of you is a core of energy and flowing out from that core is your aura. Within its wholeness, it contains a record of whom and what you are – every memory, thought, feeling, emotion and action. Healers using intuitive skills, tune into that record to find negative patterns or beliefs creating blocks that damage energy lines or slow down the natural flow of your energy, work to clear them out, thus strengthening your field and releasing the impact they have on you.
Every single thing here on the planet today contains it own energy structure (trees, plants, birds, even furniture) at a vibration level that is appropriate to itself. The person that you are radiates out from you in the aura that you give off. Strong, healthy, positive people give off an aura of strength and health; negative, vulnerable people reflect that. Everyone (even if they don’t know it) has some level of inner knowing (gut feeling) that enables them to feel the nature of whom you are from the energy you give off. Some people today even have such advanced intuitive levels to interpret these patterns and read them like a book!
Most people today are aware of energy and auras to a certain degree. What is often not know is that all thoughts, feelings, actions, in fact everything that you do and feel creates energy pattern that impacts on your own person energy supply and also flows out into the area around you. These energy patterns can be healing to the body or can impact, over time, causing damage along the energy lines and ultimately weakening the energy field.
Negative reactions or focus, thoughts, emotions and feelings (seeing the cup half empty rather than half full – that is, always thinking or talking about the lack or negative in your life rather than focusing of the positive of what you have) not only impacts negatively on your own energy but it also permeates out from you in the energetic space around you!

Anger, aggressive behaviour, or strong negativity flares out from the energy field like invisible arrows and impact on those that are around.

When children or people cringe from negative situations, they are not only cringing from the feeling of it but also because of the energetic impact that it is having on their energy … it literally feels just like they have been physically hit!
What needs to be understood is that it matters not whether these situations are spoken aloud, thought about or acted upon; the energetic reaction is the same!

Researchers have even proven that what we think and say about someone is received by that person and creates an impact on them regardless of whether they are present or not! They receive it and it either helps strengthen them or takes them down!
Everything you say, think, do or feel helps to strengthen you and others around you or helps take you (and the people around you) down. Of course, some people are more vulnerable to this than others as each person has a different level of tolerance;  sometimes all that is required to enable shy, sensitive children to manage is to get them to keep their energy expanded so that the energy of what is flying around them does not impact on their core.
Simple techniques like energy sifting are often all that is required to clear your energy.  If more is needed, source out a healer you can trust to provide additional help. 
Energy sifting is not difficult but merely a technique to be learnt. The secret is to work with the power of your mind and trust that what you are feeling is not just your imagination playing up.

Energy Sifting Technique:

Tune into your feelings (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually) and then carry out the following technique:

  • Imagine a very fine, energetic sieve poised three feet above your head extending three feet
    all around your body.
  • Imagine it slowly travelling down, down, down, working it way from the top of your head to three feet
    below the ground. As it works it way down, imagine that the energy sieve is literally sieving through
    your energy, sifting out all the tiredness, trauma, all the stuff that is weighing your down and once again,
    take it down through your energy field all the way to below your feet.
  • Do this sieving process three times and experiencing the difference in your day.
  • Give thanks and get on with the day.
The ability to “feel” what is happening is different for each person.
Some people feel an amazing amount. Others feel nothing.
Whatever you feel, trust that it is happening.
Then, the only step left is choosing to use it.

When people are feeling great, they often ask, why bother? Well, we all know that generally nothing serious happens over-night and like most disharmonic things, it builds gradually over time.

Catch it early enough and it is only a minor problem. Allow it to grow large and then you have a major health issue to clear up!
You hold the key to your own health and peace of mind.
Choose to learn about you, your energy and how to keep it healthy.

By Staying strong and positive YOU help the world move into
a place of more strength and harmony.

This article is written by Suzanne Evans ©


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