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Relationships can be wrought with problems from the beginning or become difficult as time goes by. Despite a thousand books being written on the subject, when this occurs, many people are at a loss as to how to respond to the situation they are experiencing. After many years working as an energy healer, intuitive insights have provided simple solutions to what is usually considered a difficult problem! 

We all know that aggressive behaviour, jealousy, rudeness or other difficult-to-handle behaviour can be very tiring and emotionally draining. Avoiding the person is great advice but, what happens when the person giving you a “hard” time is your spouse, a family member or co-worker that you have to work in harmony with? Or alternatively, when you are a boss and you know you are reacting to an employee without apparent cause and yet cannot stop the reaction!

Understanding our energetic makeup provides a missing part of the puzzle. Even though the human eye sees only the physical body, scientists have discovered that, at our core, we are pure energy… light… electricity… call it what you may, yet little is know about this important part of our makeup!

Our energy field are amazingly complex, comprising trillions and trillions of incredibly fine lines of energy, coming together to look like a mass of colour and light. Each person’s energy field is unique to themselves. If it could be read like a book, you would find a complete record of their existence, every thought, feeling, emotion or action, both past and present contained within it.

Over time, negative, stressful or traumatic situations produce little “burrs” (bumps or breaks) along the energy lines. These “burrs” hold a memory of those situations and, when we least expect it, they “respond” to a particular situation by reproducing the reaction that happened back in time.

Compounding the situation further is that if we keep “reacting” and “responding” to the person or situation, we then start creating neurological pathways (tracks) through the brain (like tyre tracks in a mud road)! Being human, we often find it easier to follow these familiar paths, called habits or patterns, which keep the “reaction” in place rather than explore a new approach to the situation. 

Just imagine that you are relaxing at home with the kids and you suddenly start to worry or experience an anxiety attack that you cannot control and then discover it has been triggered by something you cannot even remember happening! This was a situation that a client recently experience when she was attending a family party and came into a place of uncontrolled anger for no apparent reason and text me for help. The “distance healing” revealed that one of the people present had “triggered” an energetic memory of a past situation when she had reacted with “rage”. The energy healing cleared out her “previous emotional response” and she reported that she instantly settled down and a wonderful night was had by all!  In my client’s case, I was thrilled that she looked at her reaction and recognised that it did not fit with who she was and took action to do something about it!

For change to happen, changes have to be made. Sometimes, things have to get really rough or hard for people to recognise that they cannot continue along the path that they are going.

That’s when I come in… harnesses the incredible power of our own minds and abilities, we track back along the energy lines to find when the first “energetic imprint” relating to the relationship or health issue came into effect. Using energy healing, it is cleared and healed back in time, helping to neutralize the current emotional reaction.This fascinating process often shocks my clients by unveiling memories long forgotten of both this lifetime and “past life events”. It can be hard to believe that childhood issues, fear, pain, trauma or even a mild rebuke or telling off that seems quite harmless to a parent, can leave a scar, an "energetic" imprint on their child's psyche, creating a reaction that still has the power to press buttons today.

This can be complex work and I feel that sometimes it is like unravelling a fine gold chain that has become intertwined... it can be difficulty but worthy of the time and attention. It is so amazing to work with and I have seen marriages saved by merely clearing the past “energetic memory” creating the automatic reaction thus enabling the parties to become free of a chains that were restricting their life. 

Children all too often carry an inherited “energetic” blueprint of victimhood and, as such, attract bullies to them like bees to a pot of honey. Often, all that is required is to clear and realign their energy. Then, using simple techniques to empower them, they find that they no longer attract the same attention and focus of the local playground bully! 

As you will appreciate, not all cases are so easily sorted! If you genuinely wish for a better relationship with yourself, your family or wish to become more self-empowered, cope better in a work or home environment, my recommendation is to come in and have an energy healing session! Start clearing out the energetic “junk” that you no longer need, thus setting yourself free to move forward to experience life at a much richer and deeper level. 

Finally, as it has been said so many times, if you always do what you have always done, you will always be who you have always been! So choose to take an action today to change... it is just a phone call away!

This is one of a series of Articles written by Suzanne Evans, Metaphysical Teacher and Healer first published in the Wellness Directory 

Energy Healing Sessions
Energy Healing Sessions

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