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First published in SelfGrowth.com October 2012

How to Prevent Energy Vampires from Draining You

Do your work colleagues or family members leave you drained or exhausted?

Want to run away but need to face them?

To stop them from draining you, you need to hold your energy and your power. Understanding why and how they drain your energy provides the key.

Some situations are just not pleasant to be around but when you have to be there, learning how to maintain your energy and know when your energy has been impacted on will help you cope with difficult family or work situations.

Quantum physicians have proven that we are energetic at our core! Fifty years ago, it would have sounded a little like science fictions but today science has caught up with what healers have known for centuries; quantum physicians have explored beyond our cellular structure and found an electromagnetic field, energy, light, electricity, aura, call it what you may, scientifically proving that we are energetic at our core!

It is invisible, unseen to most people but it is the power supply that fuels you and your body. Energy not only fuels us! Every single thing, living or otherwise here on the planet today contains it own energy structure (trees, plants, birds, even our homes) at a vibration level that is appropriate to itself. It stands to reason that learning and understanding more about our invisible energy supply is important to our overall health and vitality.

In a simplified way, running through the centre of you is a core of energy and flowing out from that core is your aura. Within its wholeness, it contains a record of whom and what you are, every memory, thought, feeling, emotion and action. Like our fingerprints, every person's energy field is unique to themselves.

The person that you are radiates out from you in the aura that you give off. Strong, healthy, positive people give off an aura of strength and vitality; negative, vulnerable people reflect that. Anger, aggressive behavior or strong negativity is literally fired from the energy field like sharp, energetic shafts or arrows that splay out from your aura and impact on those that are around. When children or people cringe from angry or violent situations, they are not only cringing from the feeling of fear that it generates but also because of the impact that it is having on their personal energy field; it can feel just like they have been physically hit!

It feels emotionally bad and ends up draining you by impacting on your emotional energy to drag you down and exhaust you! What you may not realize is that the main drain is on your own natural energy system (energy field, your aura).

Of course, every person is different; some people are more vulnerable to this than others as each person has a different sensitivity level of tolerance depending on their intuitive nature (often all that is required to enable shy, sensitive children to manage is to teach them to keep their aura expanded which lessens the impact that it has on them).

Imagine the scenario... you are sitting at work, doing your own thing, completely unaware that your work colleague sitting beside you has had a pretty rough weekend; his marriage is falling apart and although he appears to be his normal calm self, within, he is a seething, anxious mess! He thinks he is keeping all his marriage problems to himself whereas his energy of anger, bitterness and despair is erupting from him and you are sitting within that energy all day, completely unaware that his negativity is impacting on you!

After a great productive day at work, you head home tired and drained, wondering what the heck? But, being human, as you are, you own it like it is your own and take it aboard. It now becomes your new reality; the tiredness and anxiety that you inherited from him makes you feel edgy at home, you find it difficult to cope, you shout at the kids, the wife gets mad (again) and the marriage gets a little more strained... need I say more! Using simple energy techniques, you can learn to recognize your own energy patterning and learn when your aura has been impacted on by others!

It is easy then to take the necessary action to do something about clearing out their situations or problems from your energy! Lets face it, today many of us have enough of our own stuff that we have to manage let alone taking aboard everyone else's stuff!

Learning about energy can be a simple, fun thing for the whole family to do and will help strengthen you and may even help strengthen your marriage and family ties.

One simple technique that only takes a minute or two each day is as follows:

 Imagine that running through you, about three feet above your head, to three feet below your feet is a rod of energy or light.  Feel the color of it (if you are unsure, imagine it clear or a gold).  Now imagine it expanding out from your body so that it is about three feet all the way around you.

 Imagine then that your aura is anchored with invisible fence posts that hold it strong.

 Then get on with your day and experience the difference.

What you have now done is expand your aura all the way around you which helps act as an invisible (energy) sieve to other people's negative energy. When your aura is relatively clear and strong, it helps keep you healthy and emotional strong! It helps act as an energetic buffer to prevent other people's emotional troubles and reactions from impacting on you which has to be a win-win scenario all around.

Finally, you hold the key to your own health and peace of mind. Choose to learn about you, your energy and how to keep it healthy. Stay strong and positive and help the world move into a place of more strength and harmony.

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