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House and Business Cleansing

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Spiritual Cleansing or Space Clearing

HOUSE CLEANSING also known as 

Energy House Clearing

Are you going through health or emotional troubles?

Feel down once you get home or some rooms make you feel nervous or on edge?

Do you or your children have sleep problems or experience strange visitations?

...If so, there are many benefits to be gained from getting your house
spiritually cleansed and energetically cleared!

You were drawn to your home because it felt right for your family's requirements but imagine if after a while, it starts impacting on the emotional or physical well-being of you and your family. That is the situation that I hear all the time... emotional outbursts, depression, mood swings, personality changes, unexpected changes in finances, children not sleeping or reactive, health issues, spiritual encounters (ghosts) plus weird and unexplained happenings in the home. 

Why is House Cleansing Essential:

Everything you say, think and feel and the impact of every action vibrates out from you into the space around you and is absorbed into the energy (of the walls) of the house and radiates back to you what it has received. 
This relates not only to our homes and land but to all possessions and things, cars and even our businesses as each has its own unique energy structure which absorbs the energy of what is occurring around it!

Happy situations, thoughts, feelings and emotions uplift the energy of your home and radiate positive, vibrant energy. Whereas, negative based emotions like anger, frustration, depression, poverty, worry and the like not only lower your vibration but have a damaging effect on your physical and emotional health by draining you of essential life force energy.   

When moving into a new home, it is natural to want to spring-clean it but why neglect to carry out the most essential clearing and cleansing... that is of the energy structure of the home, to release all negative energy (or vibes) and programmes of the previous owners or occupiers!

And, of course, to follow up with regularly cleansing and clearing of its energy from time to time, as needed particularly when health, emotional or mental issues are present or when things are just not going right!

Homes can also suffer from unwanted spirits (ghosts) scaring little one and big one alike requiring guidance to help them move on from the property. (link to Testimonial: My Ghostly Encounter).
All home (or work) environments would benefit enormously from receiving a structured energetic house cleansing, smudging with sage or from regular use of an energetic room spray (like the Elixir of Light Space Cleansing Spray). There are lots of signs to look for and it is a simple process to check to see whether it is needed:


Understanding Why This impacts on Us:  

Over time, people (especially children) are becoming more and more sensitive to the energy of what is happening around them. In effect what it means is that we are sensing more, feeling more and intuiting (knowing) more. It is common place today to hear people talk about a "gut feeling", to comment on knowing that someone was going to ring prior to the call or to feel emotionally impacted on by the vibes given off after a fight (or bad work situations). Children, in particular, are like little sponges absorbing everything that is happening around them and, over time, so much of my cleansing work is due to the increased sensitivity of the children in the home. In effect, as we are evolving, we are becoming more sensory beings and, as such are becoming more vulnerable to being impacted on by the energy that is around us, that we walk through. 

How Your House Clearing or Space Clearing will be Carried Out:

This is undertaken in a similar manner to a distant healing but, this time, the recipient is the house and land. A time is set for the cleansing and energetic clearing process and you will be informed once it has been completed. If local, it can be carried out in person but generally, all that is required is a distant healing to clear out all "negative energy, patterns, beliefs and structure" and, of course, any unwanted spirits that may be present in the home environment. The house will also be blessed to be "a happy, uplifting and harmonious home for you and your family and people who may visit or live there".

Following the clearing, you will be asked to reassess the feel of your home again. The responses over the years are profound... children sleep better, animals and children go into rooms/areas that they would never go in before, people feel like a burden has been lifted and always...

the clients all remark instantly how different, uplifting and light the house feels.

If you are unsure, I am happy to tune into the property over the phone and provide a free assessment as to whether an at-home cleanser (Space Spray, like the Elixir of Light Space Cleanser) will be sufficient or whether a formal house clearing (healing) is required.

I offer my personal guarantee and will refund your money
if you feel you are not happy with the feel of the home following the space clearing.


Email: suzanne@heavenlyvibrations.co.nz (no phone requests please)

Add your name, country and contact number (including country code and area code). Give some brief details of your situation and what service you require and Suzanne will get back to you by email to arrange all the relevant details. 

All consultations are payable in advance (except when attending in person) and can be easily paid on-line. Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation of the arranged appointment time.


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