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Over time, much discussion and research has taken place about the long-term benefits of drinking or eating fermented drinks or foods like Kombucha or Keifer. Large corporations are now getting on the Kombucha band-wagon and manufacturing for retails outlets, ready-made Kombucha drinks. For me, one of the main benefit is the fact that Kombucha can be made simply, easily and inexpensively at home with a mother culture called Scoby (which is simply a Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and is similar to the "mother" used in making vinegar.

Kombucha starts out as a sugar and tea mixture which is transformed by the Scoby into a refreshing drink. It is claimed to be full of probiotics that help boast the health of our gut and intestines and many claims have been made about the benefits to our bodies. All I know is I like it and have used it on and off over the years and find it a refreshing drink and, well, it is up to individuals as to how they find it. 

Hanah Kroegar, who was considered one of the world’s best herbalists in her book “God helps those that help themselves” provides more complex insight into how fermented drinks or foods activate the lymphatic system and detoxifies the entire body from environmental and other poisons and explains their impact on Cell Respiration, as follows:
Cell Respiration:

     Milk cyclone fermentation can have D-positive or D-negative aspects in the living cell. Scientists call it milk-cyclone D-positive and D-milk ferment negative.
     The prolonged left turning cycle of D-negative milk ferment is a cause of cell deterioration. It is stopping cell respiration so that the cell nucleus forms its own entity cancer.
     Dr Engelhardt demonstrated that the heart muscle can only use D-positive milk cycline for its electro chemical balance and strength. It is obvious that other muscles require the same for maintenance and repair. The skin is particularly thankful for D-positive foods.
     D-positive milk cyclone activates the lymphatic system and detoxifies the entire body from environmental and other poisons.
What can we do to improve our defence system? What can we do to assume that positive D milkcyclone is formed? 
     Every culture, every nation has its own national drink or food which one way or another is served in a fermented state. It is the traditional yoghurt in Bulgaria, the drink IRAN in turkey. It is Kefer, the sauerkraut in Germ, the raw fish in Candinavia, the fermented drink in South America and on and one.
     We can have it all but because of lack of knowledge very few of us use a fermented food or drink every day.
     One of the richest foods in D positive turns are beets. Red beets are the queen of all. Just a teaspoon of beet powder will suffice. A soup of red beets, relish made out of beets will turn the cell to D-positive, it also is a detoxifier of environmental poisons.

     We had the impression that it is the color in beets which prevents mestastasis in cancer but through the electro-Bio-chemical works of researchers, we find that it is the positive influences of beets to the D-negative cell that makes the mir5acles.
     True prayers can turn the D-negative electro-Bio stream into D-positive expression and instant healing will result.”

Scobys are available on line here in NZ and overseas (or find a friend who has one and get a baby off her).

An incredible number of articles are available on the web on how to make Kombucha and its supposed health benefits and, if it appeals, I suggest you research it further.   One that I found beneficial in my own research was http://www.foodrenegade.com/kombucha-health-benefits/.
 Finally, as in all situations, it is up to the individual to assess the information provided and make their own informative opinion.
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